I caught my boyfriend sneaking around with his ex: Advice?

I have been with the father of my son on and off for the past three years. Well, we recently got back together after being split up for about six months. At the time, he was with another woman for the duration of our split, and he left her, saying he wanted to work on being a family. Two months in, I leave out of state with our son to visit my sister while she gave birth to my niece. A few nights ago, I received a notification from my motion detection really late at night. I decided to check it and came to found out he was talking to his ex. I called him, and he denied the whole thing, said it was a video he was watching. I eventually got him to confess and said he was only expressing our relationship problems to her and also apologizing for leaving her heartbroken. Do you think this is a reason to leave? I don’t trust him at all because of this, and I feel he may be lying about the extent of things. Thank you.


“You can’t love if you can’t trust.”

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I just went through this. Leave

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Girl wtf. Leave. Why is this even a question :woman_facepalming: women will put up with the most ridiculous, disrespectful shit. It makes me so sad.


It’s time to make you happy. Being in trustworthy relationship is important for your child😒. Don’t wait to be broken

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Pack your bags and high tail it outta there.

Apologizing to his ex is one thing but venting his relationship with her is unacceptable.
If this doesn’t say something to you than check the phone record. If u have cameras check the video. Scope out social media, them, their friends, coworkers if you know.
A picture or solid evidence is worth 1000 words.

“You can’t trust him”
You said it all right there. And please don’t fall for him telling you he invited her over to talk about you. Don’t get played


Believe me things never change…

You know exactly what to do


You deserve better!! He’s playing both of you until something better comes along!


Wash your hands and move on!!

Please don’t stay with him hun…I got out of a 25 year relationship with my sons dad bc I felt stuck! Their will be someone who will love you and your son! Love yourself first! The right one will come along and love you! All of you

No you can’t trust him just went threw something similar and at the end of the day he getting both of you he’s a player

It’s a maturity thing

Not even worth the time or effort!!! Drop him like a hot potato!!!

Red Flags Flying High For You To See :bangbang:
Run run fast as you can :bangbang: No trust no relationship :bangbang:


Leave and don’t look back. Not a damn thing is going to change, this guy is manipulating and using you.

He shouldn’t be going to an ex with issues about you … I’d walk away


Leave he will do it again and again and your the only one hurt that’s facts he will always entertain his own needs