I caught my husband cheating: Advice?

I have been with my husband for 13 years. From the very beginning, I have had red flags of him being unfaithful and have caught him along the way but not in the act… this week, after I left for the town, he went to shower. I forgot something, so I came home to find him in the shower in the middle of the day with an app called Kik open with multiple chats open for illicit sexual activity… what do I do now?? We have three kids, the youngest being seven months.


Last month I found out my husband was cheating after 10 years and 2 kids together. I knew the moment he told me I could never trust him again. I’ve only been a single mom for a month and its THE HARDEST thing I have ever done, but definitely one of the best.


What is this app? Never heard of it. He was kinda alone… In the shower… Doing his thing… Is it just porn? Or video chat? Chat rooms that do dirty talk?

I think you know the answer to that. What do you want to do? Do you respect yourself? Do you think you deserve better? If you answer yes then leave. If you don’t think you do then stay.


Know your worth. :blue_heart: You deserve better and your children deserve a better role model as a father. Being a single parent is tough BUT it’s better than another 13 years of self doubt and worry dealing with a habitual cheating spouse. Best of luck.


If you’ve had red flags from day one & it’s still like this all these years later—
You’re playing yourself. Leave that man.


Tell him to kick rocks

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Leave he wont change and you will spend years and years catching him cheat


You do what you should’ve done 13 years ago. Leave.




Like that’s the entire point of the app.
I’d be cautious about him alone with your children. Red flag times a dozen. A grown ass man has NO BUSINESS on the app.

Leave it will be hard but staying with someone like that will just make you upset .

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Walk away, or if he says he wants to change make HIM pay for marriage counseling.

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Once someone cheats it’s time to call it quits. It doesn’t mean you automatically stop loving that person, but if they’re willing to cheat physically or even just emotionally, then you don’t mean as much to them as they do to you. Cheating is unforgivable, at least in my eyes. There is no trust, respect, appreciation, or even real love left there if the person cheats. There’s always going to be someone else out there who will love you like you deserve. Cheating isn’t an accident. It’s not a mistake. It’s not a slip up. Your children would rather have a happy momma than one who used them as an excuse to stay in an unhappy and unfaithful marriage.


Leave , no one learns your worth if you don’t even know it js , you can’t touch fire 300 times and then wonder why your always getting burnt js


I say you leave he’s been doing it for a while you said and he’s not going to change if that’s the case. What would you be teaching your children if you stay and they end up finding out what he did or is doing to you and they see that you allow it. Yea it’s going to be hard but it will get easier with time.

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He wont change. Been there, it only gets worse. Sorry

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I’m at an age 32
That I’ve lived and learned you got one time to show me you ain’t shit and then it’s a whole nother story cuz he would be the one posting right now asking how to get me back , Rs

Okay - unpopular opinion here.
Leaving is usually the answer to cheating but not always. Only you can know what you’re wiling to tolerate and what you won’t. If you have an otherwise amazing relationship, you might want to talk to him and figure it out. Sex isn’t everything. And it’s completely possible to love your partner but make mistakes.


I had to leave mine after 13 years of it.

He can’t even just delete his messages he uses an app that probably doesn’t save messages so that shows he is just deeply invested in being a douchebag piece of shit. Leave and take him for all he is worth since being w you.