I caught my nephew watching me change my daughter: Advice?

I caught my ten-year-old nephew watching me change my two-year-old daughter and Idk how to react. So, long story short, my husband and I have two daughters who are 1 and 2. We are staying with my inlaws temporarily. My brother in law, his girlfriend and their three kids (7, 10 and 11) also live here. Our bedroom faces their bedroom. They don’t live here full time. A few weeks ago, my husband took their room because he had to wake up at 3 am to go to work and needed to go to bed earlier than us. The kids were camped out in the family room for a few days. I came in here to change my two years old (working on potty training but not there yet). I noticed that my ten-year-old nephew also followed us to the room and just stood outside their bedroom door (which wasn’t being used by them, so no reason to be there). He just stood there watching me change her, and when I was done, he left. Twice now, he’s done this, and it’s creeping me out. I don’t know if he’s curious, I mean, he has a sister. I don’t know how little boys work, but my seven-year-old nephew doesn’t do this. Neither does my niece. I had very touchy cousins growing up since I was the only girl, and I just don’t know what to do.


Bring it up to his momma :woman_shrugging:t2:


Next time he stands there, ask him what he’s doing.


Talk to your inlaws. Talk to him. A simple “what’s up bud” may go a long way.


I would ask him why he is doing it before jumping to any conclusions


I’d be blunt and just ask him if he needs something, before u help your daughter. If he says no then tell him you’d like some privacy and wait til he leaves.


Tell him not to. Hes 10. He should listen to you if you ask him not to watch you undressing your toddler. If he doesn’t then talk to his parents


Had it been a “niece” she may have been changing your daughter Why because he is a boy and interested in what you are doing is it bad? It annoys be the “because hes a boy” its an issue. Just say… did you have a question about me changing the baby? Did you want to learn to change a diaper?


Ask him if he needs something… If he says no then tell him you’ll “be with him in a moment so find something to do”.


Just ask him? Maybe hes just curious what u r doing? If he wont answer i would chat to his mum and maybe she can ask?

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I’d ask him what’s up & point out to him thatbits not appropriate for him to be there during that time.

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I definitely wouldn’t automatically assume something predatory of a child… maybe ask him if he needs something.


Try closings the door


Maybe he is just curious about changing a baby? I’d just ask him.


He’s a child. Childrem are curious. If it bothers you just say “go play mate, this one’s a stinky one” or something similar.

I think you’re being ridiculous tbh though. My nieces and nephews have always been around when I change nappies. I don’t even leave the room 99% of the time.


Go with your motherly instinct, it is probably right.


Am I the only 1 not worried here? My 9 yr old watches me change my youngest all the time. I don’t think it’s sexual it could be a number of things why not just talk to him…


Maybe just curious… but I’d shut the door before changing her or just ask him if he needs something since he’s standing there.


Maybe he’s just seeing what you’re doing. I would guess curiosity if he hasn’t done anything to her. I work in the infant room at a daycare center and can’t tell you how many times a sibling has come in with mom and dad and watched me change a baby. It isn’t a big deal really.


Omg. Why does it have to be sexual??? Maybe he’s just watching you care for a smaller child. Maybe he watched his mom do it. Maybe he wants to help and doesn’t know how. Maybe kids are just curious. Jesus. Why does everyone assume that there’s some dark and evil intent??? If it was a little girl, would you make the same assumptions??? Damn people. Don’t you dare shame that boy because of a trauma or fear from your past.