I co-signed on my sons fathers car and now he is behind on payments: What can I do?

I am no longer with my son’s father. We were never married. My son is with me full time. I pay for everything for my son, and I’m ok with that. There’s only one problem… 5 years ago I co-signed for his car. He always paid on time until about five months ago. I have asked him multiple times to refinance the car to take my name off, but he hasn’t. Now he has fallen behind on payments, and they are threatening repossession if the amount due is not paid. I don’t know what to do because I do not have the money to pay the amount due, as I already have put $800 of my own money towards the amount due last month. I live paycheck to paycheck, working full time to support my son. I have worked really hard to keep a good credit score and ALWAYS pay my bills on time. These late payments have already dropped my credit score, and I don’t want a repossession on my credit. I’m trying to figure out what to do to either get the money to pay the amount due or force him to pay or take my name off of the car?? I had to use my own bonus at work towards a car that I don’t even drive. I’m very stressed out!


Take the car and sell it for whats left owed on it? Maybe even get back what you have had to put in it.


Never ever cosign for anyone.


Go take the car. It’s also in your name. If he can’t pay them take it back.


Ur screwed. The loan is now ur to pay


Take him to court and do not ever cosign for another person again. Not even your own kids. Bad idea.


I’m in the same situation as you are. Never co sign anything while not married. I learned my lesson on that. Since your name is legally on it you are still responsible for payments. You can go to the dealership where you got the car at and negotiate with them. Or take legal action.

Have the car towed back and sign it back over. It’s in your name too

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Long story short - you’re on the hook.


That’s why he needed a co-sign. At least you learned a lesson. I’d try to sell it. Or he can maybe trade it in on something he can afford without your name.
You’re stuck as far as it hurting your credit. Sorry.


Take the car since you cosigned for it you can get it back. Your name is on the title too if not the first name on it.


Repossess the car for yourself and sell it.


Never co-sign on anything!


Never do that again!

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Take the car and don’t give it back unless he pays. Your name is on the title too


Are you the only one working and concerned about credit?

Even after my divorce and the judge saying I was free and clear … it’s still in my name and he still refuses to pay on it

When my ex keep being late on payments on the truck I co-signed for I told them go pick it up. when I told him that he suddenly had the money to pay it off. Lesson learned never co-sign.

Take the car back sell it & pay off the loan Dont cosign again!!!