I didn't know i was pregnant and have been drinking during pregnancy. How risky is that?

You will be ok. Alot of people drank then found out they were pregnant. Just don’t do it anymore and that’s the best you can do. Congratulations in your baby coming!

Idk if you’ve watched ‘I didn’t know i was pregnant’ but a lot of them drank and smoked and had a healthy baby. Obviously don’t drink if you know you’re pregnant, but if you didn’t know you can’t stress about it. Just continue the rest of your pregnancy and be safe. Let your dr know you were drinking.

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My doctor told me it didn’t matter in the first few weeks I was drunk for a solid month before I found i was pregant drinking every night and she’s beyond intelligent my daughter is ahead of a lot of kids her age . DT told me at that age it wouldn’t have affected much as we found out at 8 weeks and if I was going to miscarriage it would be on the drinking but just to stop going forward.

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Know that feeling just tell your midwife your concerns I did the same and my boy was fine

I drunk throughout all my pregnancies and nothing happened, they were all healthy and big babies, ranging from 7lbs 8oz to 9lbs 14oz.


I drank the first month of pregnancy (borderline alcoholic amounts) because I didn’t know I was pregnant. I stopped as soon as I found out. My son is about to be 7, no major health issues.

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Per my dr: there’s nothing we can do and to not worry, it honestly won’t affect the baby in the early, early stages (5 weeks and under)

My mother, all my aunts drank while pregnant. Even after they knew. None of us are worse for wear and I am talking dozens of cousins. But like all things it was done in moderation. They smoked, they drank beer, and they did all kinds of things that is now advised against.

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I found out I was pregnant at 7 months along & semi-regularly drank socially throughout the pregnancy (up until I found out- I completely stopped the minute I found out). He was perfectly healthy, happy, and he’s 4 now :purple_heart:

I didn’t know i was pregnant for almost 6 months and did a lot of stuff like that…my oldest is perfectly healthy. However when you go for your first appointment be completely honest and they can give you factual information

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If you aren’t very far along, and don’t drink often or heavy, you should be okay if you just quit now. But be fully honest with your dr about it, so they know what the potential risks are.

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I think you should be okay if you stop now. My pregnancy is what got me sober!

I drank regular in first 2 months cos that’s how far on I was when I found out also smoked , everything was fine and he was a healthy 8lbs 3oz , that was 28 year ago !!!

Long story short… uhhh pretty fucking risky pal

From what I’ve heard it’s different with every woman. Some women can drink a lot and their babies are totally fine, while other women can drink just a little bit and have their baby end up with fetal alcohol syndrome. You just honestly never know. My suggestion would be to get to an OBGYN A.S.A.P. and be 100% honest with them.

Not too much of a threat in early pregnancy

I drank and didn’t know til I was 6 weeks. Got a tattoo as well. My son is fine. Just don’t drink anymore.

My friend was the same her baby came out fine. She did stop tho.

I drank until 3.5 months pregnant. My baby was fine.
however, just because some babies are okay doesn’t mean others will be. Some babies are exposed to a tiny amount of alcohol and come out with F.A.S

I didn’t know until between 3-4 months along. Closer to 4. I’ve never had regular periods. I was terrified because I had been drinking. My daughter is so amazing and smart. Totally normal.