I do not feel like myself anymore: Advice?

I have two kids under the age of 5… I’m 20 & married. I’ve been in a funk and feel absolute not like myself anymore… I just need tips on finding myself again… I feel broken. I play and play and play with my kiddos, but as they say, you can’t pour from an empty cup… I don’t know what to do anymore…


You need to take a day for yourself, girl. Just because you’re a mommy and wife doesn’t mean you have to stop being ‘you.’ Have hubby stay with the kids for a day and go do something for you.


Highly recommend reading “burnout” by Emily and Amelia Nagowski. I started working out in august and it’s helped a lot with getting into a great personal headspace. I also started reading a lot more personal development type books.


See a doctor ! Depression is not easy without help .


You need some time for yourself momma. Even if its finding a gym after the babies go to bed. Thats my time… and it helps soooo much! If you ever need a friend you can add me!

You are only 20. How do you even know who you are as a person yet?


Hugs to you mama. Parenting little ones is hard and I hope you find the help you need because you deserve it. Don’t give up- I wish I had the answers and the right words to say but I understand you and wish for good things to come your way. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

See your doctor if you can, I know thats not always possible (like with me). Make sure you’re open about it with your close support system. You have to tell someone or you’ll continue to feel drained.

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Give it to God He is the best at helping.


Exercising has been a huge help for me. It’s time I put aside to take care of myself! Do you set aside time each day to take care of yourself?

Try Evening Primrose Gel capsules

You need a weekend of “Me time” the best medicine you can give yourself as a young momma.


I know the feeling, I have three under six and along the way you lose yourself, just remember its okay to ask for a help and take time for yourself, my inbox is always open xx

Consult a doctor. Do somethjng you really enjoy doing or have a short break from the kids. Talk to your husband about what you’re going through, talk to your friends and family. Most moms can relate to that issue, I only have 1 kid but I sometimes feel that way. You’re not alone.


Find a hobby that you like for yourself! That helped me a lot. I like to paint :slightly_smiling_face: You can message me if you need someone to talk to.

You won’t be the same you’ve been through a lot I feel like it’s been about finding a “new me” instead of trying to be who I was so much changes you once your a wife and a mom but figuring out what makes you feel happy and prioritizing yourself along with your husband and kids is important (something I’m still learning too) find something that’s yours, hobby or even having a girls night on Wednesday just something for you! Where the kids are being taken care of and you can breath.

It’s a lot to be a parent. I have three under five and two bonus kids. I also, have felt like I’ve lost myself. What I did was talk it out with family and some friends- most importantly my husband and started figuring out how I could take time for myself. Be it a pedicure once a month or going on a hike or even, talking it out with a therapist. I’ve found that even if it’s only a few hours away at a time, I eventually felt better and reconnected with myself in this new role that is so demanding of me, but rewarding nonetheless. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well, of course. You went from being a child to being a parent. You have no personal identity. This is why it’s nice to finish developing before you jump into parenthood. Probably just need a therapist, and a break. Harder to do now with 2 kids, but not impossible. Don’t shrug this feeling off though. Pretty sure that doesn’t end well for anyone in this scenario. Good luck.

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You have got to set some time aside for you every night. I was a young mom of 2 at 21 and single. I did everything for my kids and with my kids. I had a few breakdowns over the years. If I had anything to tell myself or any mom, is to set a scheduled bedtime and set an hour to yourself every evening. Take a nice bath, drink a glass of wine, curl up and read a book, do you nails, anything. Just do it by yourself.


I would talk with your doctor! This is how I felt and I started antidepressants and it’s much much better. :heartpulse: