I do not feel like myself anymore: Advice?

I agree with setting time aside once a day, once a week or once a month or whatever for yourself. We change, grow and adapt as we get older or cricumstances change. Life happens. Unless you take care of you, you’re no good to anyone. If you have to, get a sitter for 1 night a week and do you. No need to always wait until they’re in bed. 1 day for you, one day for you n hubby.

I feel you girl, I’m 21 with an almost 5 year old and 2.5 year old and haven’t had any time for me in years. The only break I get is after they go to bed and I can clean the house in peace lol


Therapy, take it from someone who poured for too long. Talking to someone and possibly medication just for awhile can help you reset

Let go of mom guilt if u need to plonk them in front of a TV or screen just to give urself a break do it. I put my youngest in the bath for 40 mins the other nyt to tire her out when id no energy left for playing :upside_down_face: dont be afraid to ask for help if u have support close by or at least reach out n chat to ppl here.

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You have to find something thats just for you. For me, it’s working out. You are not a bad mom/person for wanting to be selfish every once in awhile and decompress somehow.


Let’s consider PPD , only yourself who can help you through it .

I get like this & I’m 42 with a 16, 7,6,4 & hubby. You need “ME” time! I hit the gym a minimum 5 days a week. I go on the days the kids are all in school or after dinner. Dad can put them to bed.
I know some people say they can’t afford it (my hubby says it all the time) It’s $24 a month. Do you drink? Smoke? Out to coffee? Yes, you can!
I tan (makes me feel better about myself), workout (Releases endorphins and dopamine), total body enhancement (light therapy great for winter months) & hydro massage (relaxation)!

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If you can put your little ones in day care that would help

You need to seek mental health help dear. Even just talk or group therapy is better then nothing. Have a support group. Talk to your family tell them what is going on.

You need a break. Talk to your spouse and let him know how you feel. Take a day off for yourself to do something that will make you feel better and feel like you’re still you. God bless :kissing_heart: :two_hearts:

Take a class in the arts. Block yourself off from the family & rediscover your creativity through writing, painting, sculpture, dance, music (singing, playing an instrument or listening and learning). Hire a babysitter or give the kids to a relative if you can’t rely on the hubs to watch the kids.

Keep a journal and see what you have to say to yourself.

Take any sort of academic class to reawaken your brain. There are open source free ones you can even take from Ivy League schools like Harvard, mostly for fun.

First thing you should do is consult a doctor, its pretty clear to me you may be suffering from depression and you need to get help … You cannot get good advice on a Facebook page you need medical help


Do something for yourself. Fix your hair. But in some make up dress up like you use to. Sometimes when you look good you feel good. Even go out for a girls night once in a while.

If you don’t pour into yourself you can’t do it for your kids, find a hobby to do when they take a nap or go to sleep for the night…the ideas are limitless…read, paint, craft, take a bubble bath


take a break let your husband watch them for awhile while you recharge and do something you love

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Does you hubby show you love? How long married?

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Go out and have a girls date at least once a week

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Do you work outside the home? Volunteer maybe? Just something to get away from the house for a few hrs a week might really lift your spirits.

Go take a hike!!! Seriously…

Remember to make time for yourself. Read a book, take a bath, anything you enjoy. Its ok to be selfish for a little bit. A happy you makes a much happier mommy and wife. Good luck