I do not get along with my in laws: Advice?

So, mommas, I have a very rough relationship with my In-laws… let me start out with,my husbands dad is his stepdadstepdad because his real dad left when he was like 1 or 2(born in Texas),well when he stepdadstepdad stepped in his mom and him got married after a year or two together and brought him and his older brother and his mom back to florida(stepdadstepdad lives) and hes lived her ever since,well when his older brother graduatedd(he graduated in 2016,i myself in 2017) his brother left and went straight back to Texas,because their step dad is very manipulative and treats them like crap, their mom has 2 more boys from his step dad and they get treated so differently,which is why my husbands older brother left after high school,his step dad is lazy as can be and will sit on his butt and make their mom do every single thing for him,and then they treat my husband the exact same way,they used to have to pay my husband just to come over and do stuff because it wouldn’t get done any other way,until they told him they shouldn’t have to pay their own son just to help them out… wel fast forward to now,my husband and I are leaving to move back to where his mother’s oringslly from and where he was ,born in Texas next week,because they are constantly trying to overmind us with our son who is 9months now old. Back in October we were at a church festival and they were doing fried snickers,well my husband told his mom not to give him any,ahead flat out told asked him"who Is the adult in this situation,I dont have to listen to anything you say about my grandson" and it irks me so much, well little after that my son was about 6months old and he fell off the bed and hurt his shoulder,well we didn’t tell any one until we found out how bad the situation was(it was nothing dr said he only had a bruise shoulder,but the height of the bed to the floor is what made us worry) well they made a big deal about it and said we need to tell them EVERY single thing that happens with our son whether it’s a dr appt or anything… but I’ve talked with my mother-inlaw side fo the family who we’ll be living with once we move to texas,about everything going on, but they are constantly in our business about everything (we live on their property which was supposed to be until april,but they are having issues with their insurance company and bitching at us for still being here,event though it’s not April yet)but they are always constantly telling my husband what to do with his life and get mad if he doesn’t do what they want him to do,my husband works for a family business and makes amazing money that no one realizes cause we only tell them what they need to know,so because he doesn’t work over 40hours a week like his dad does(his dad works from 5am-5pm everyday and makes salary) so because he doesn’t do what his dad does they argue with him bout it constantly cause it’s what what they want him to do and any time we do what we want that’s not to their liking they gripe about it too, we literately live 30ft from them,but constantly bitch cause they dont ever see him,but they wont bother to come over to us and see him,and anytime we try to plan with them it’s not good enough unless we have our son and they can have him to themselves… she buys all kinds of stuff but then throws it at my husband and say"here take it home cause hes not over here enough" but they wont bother to walk 30ft to us to see him,we always have to do everything by their schedule and the way they want it to happen.but for the past several weeks it has gotten worse,we have made it known to them about our issues with then and everything going on,but all they care about is if my husband continues to do their dirty work for them,my husband is starting to realize it alot more the wY they treat him,because I’ve only been around close to 2years now I grew up in the same situation so I see it quickly and know what’s going on,well besides me and his older brother,also including his family in texas which is all his moms family(sisters,mom) we are all telling and explain to him the stuff we are seeing they, are doing to him,and we are trying ti help him understand and see it,but we also know if we push to far he’ll explode… but my biggest issue is that my mother-inlaw claims she is friends with my bestfriends mom,so shes always talking crap to her and I’m finding out,well the latest news is,she told my friends mom that if my husband didn’t leave me she was gonna take my son because I’m an unfit mother and no good for my child all because I dont let him do whatever he wants and because I stand my ground to them and give them my piece of mind because I dont stand for people to treat me like crap and push me… my husband stepdad will constantly tell him hes a pos and that if he doesn’t fix himself and do better he’ll never get better in life,all because it’s not what they want


You are moving away sooooo when you do…block them on all social media, phones, contacts, etc…your husband needs to grow some balls and stand up to them…wrong is wrong…but again…you are moving so the problem should solve itself by not being around them and then blocking them

Simple. Move away from them to your own property, your own house. Live your own lives.


This was confusing as all hell… In-laws are toxic it seems like. You’re making the right choice by moving away. No further advice needed! Just go & don’t look back!


Damn this post is looooong

I’m sorry your in-laws are crappy self center people. I hate controlling people and tell them off when they try their sh*t with me. I grew up with a controlling mother and moved out as soon at I graduated at 19. Eventually my mom started staying away when I was putting distance between us. I’m happier now then when I was little. I still talk to her and see her when I have to. but try to leave early because she tried to give me our old things that a) we forgot about b) don’t even remember owning c) she wants to give things to my daughters that they don’t even need. I get rid of things or just trash things if they can’t be used again.

with your inlaws, try cutting them off the best you can and don’t listen. in one was out the other after they leave. you and your family are yours to worry about. I live in Texas, so yea. I pray you get some peace in your head as you wait to come to this state.

Run!!! You.your husband.your son .and any other children you have later. DO NOT NEED THAT CRAP!!! Your job as parents is to do what’s best for your children and family. Get away from these peopke. They are sucking the life and love out of you. Children learn from observation and situations. DO you want your son to be in that environment? I don’t think so. Get away. Stay away. You don’t owe them anything.


To be honest your post was so long I couldn’t understand it. Honestly sometimes you just have to be cordial with people. Only have face value conversations and give space as much as possible


Jesus. What was that tirade ansveling about? People treat you like you let them treat you. Sounds like you have some growing up to do. I’m really sorry that you feel so slighted but you have a choice to let it continue or not. Haven’t you ever heard, The best revenge is living well.


I couldn’t even finish reading this. But y’all are moving anyways. So suck it up for another week and then you don’t need to worry about them anymore


Pack your bags and run as fast as you can go - evidentially mom will always side with stepdad instead of her child that was there before the stepdad was - so pack up and go and don’t look back. Maybe one day his mom will open her eyes to what a butthead she is married and how she has picked up his bad habits on how to treat people. Let it go once you move on it will be their loss in the long run. You or your loved ones do not deserve this toxicity at all especially your child. Good luck.

Mamas Uncut Would it kill you to proof read the questions before posting? My three year old can spell better than this post :roll_eyes:
As for the posters question, try being an adult and living on your own. Then, you won’t have to deal with anyone else’s crap :woman_shrugging:t3:

Three of you just need to go to Texas and leave all that bs behind. Sucks he will be leaving a decent job, but mentally it will save you all!

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Move off their property! Seriously just cut them out unless it’s on y’alls terms. They will only continue to treat y’all and do things you allow.

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Well you’re moving so you can avoid them and after you move block the bitch. Neither of you owe her or his stepdad anything after the way they treated him And you both.

Just move out on your own and dont rely on others. And dont by into all the drama, its just stupid drama.

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Damn, you whine a lot!!

Leave!!! Try an get away from them. Yes, family is important but sometimes they’re better at a distance. Good Luck, an don’t let your in laws get to you.

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I’m sorry for the confusion I knew it would be tough to get lol

Wow so much crap in this your way to invested in small shit turning it into world issues