I do not produce enough when I pump: Advice?

I have a six-month-old daughter that I exclusively breastfeed. I recently started working part-time, and I bring my daughter with me. I pump for this time because I cannot nurse while I am out. Before I started working, I would pump just to have a supply in the freezer. Now that I need to pump for work, I am not getting nearly enough. I try to pump at night after the baby has gone to sleep. I wait a couple of hours after her last nurse. Lately, I am lucky if I get two ounces total. When my daughter nurses, I know she does get enough; she is a healthy weight and has no issues. I am just not able to pump enough. Any suggestions?


Keep pumping, at the same time every day you will produce more at that time it will take a little while. Make sure you drink lots of water limit caffeine and other dehydrating drinks. Also she is old enough to start solids which will lessen the demand for milk. If you offer cereal with her last feeding she will need less milk and you can pump right after she is done.

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Drink alot of water, coconut milk, and eat alot of yogurt. Their is also a tea you can order to help production and increase eather thw amount of times you pump a day or the length of time you pump for to tell your body to produce more milk! Also Starbucks has a drink called the pink drink witch many of my friends have said help them produce way more

Jobs are legally required to let you pump according to your pumping scheduld

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Drink some body armor they just to make me produce 8plus oz. After a feeding

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oatmeal pies are a miracle worker, keep some in your purse or at desk at all times

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Hydrate and lactation foods to tey to boost supply. You can get things to make your own smoothies, cookies and brownies. Usual active ingredients are brewers yeast, fenugreek, flax seed, oats etc… mothers milk is a tea. Injust tried it for the first time last night and I dunno how I’m going to get 3-5 cups of it drank in a day as I do not like the taste. Havent tried the body armor drink, but hear its good to help with hydrating. Im still figuring out everything too.

I had the same issue. I could never pump enough when I was at work (worked part time as well) but baby was was definitely getting enough when she nursed. We ended up supplementing with formula to make up for my lack of breast milk with pumping. Just keep pumping while at work to keep your supply going

Buy the edible brownies that help with breastfeeding

Try a different pump. A manual went much better and much faster for me than my electric pump.

A pump wouldn’t get all of the milk, a different pump might help you, but its not because you’re not making enough. If your baby is fed and happy when you nurse her then you have enough milk.

Mothers milk tea and fenugreek… You might smell like maple syrup but you will produce more… Stress cause me to almost dry up… So relax!

Pump after each feed. Invest in a Hakaa to catch letdown. You really only need enough milk for the next day. Milk production is all about supply and demand. The more milk you remove from your breast the more you tell your body to make.

If you have the white flap filter thingys (Medela) they may need replaced that can affect

While u are home after you nurse the baby. Pump for 15 mins. Even if nothing comes out do it after every feed. After about 5-7 days you will start to produce more and then you will have enough to feed baby and pump while at work

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I had the hardest time with a pump. I wouldn’t get much from the pump but if I hand expressed I would get double the ounces I could with a pump.

Lactation cookies, mothers milk tea, and approximately 60-80 oz of water should do it. I’d also recommend power pumping 2 or 3 times a week while you’re off work .

How long are you pumping for? I exclusively pumped for my son, and I always had to pump for at least half an hour/45 minutes for my last session to make sure everything was emptied and that we had enough. Drink lots of water too!

Do you use massage or compression when you pump? I have a 5mo old (my 3rd) and I’ve always had a difficult time pumping. I have to do a mini power pump session each day (10 min on, 5 off, 10 on) to keep up my midday supply. In addition, I use a halter and double pump, and have to use compressions to get all the milk out. It will seem like I’m “done”, but if I massage and squeeze them in particular areas, more milk gets expressed. It’s almost like gravity is collapsing the ducts and I have to manually work to get that milk out. So. Much. Work. :roll_eyes:

I find I get more if I pump in the morning rather than at night. At night I get maybe one ounce. In the morning I get about 3. (I don’t respond well to pumping)