I don't feel comfortable with my husbands teen watching our daughter: Am I being paranoid?

My SO thinks I’m paranoid with our 2-year-old Daughter & I don’t think I am. I think I have reasonable reasons. My SO & I have a 2-year-old daughter together, she just turned two, and I’m due in 3 weeks with our second daughter, we are delivering her an hour or so away from where we live. We’ve had it planned out for the past 2 months that our two years old would go to my aunt’s house for the days we are in the Hospital. My SO just asked me this week if I was ok with his 15-year-old daughter watching our 2 year old instead of my aunt’s. But I told him I don’t feel comfortable having her watch our daughter for 3+ day’s and I told him why. I trust his daughter she had watched her for a few hour’s here and there before when our daughter was younger, but I think being alone for 3+ day’s with a toddler with no transportation is a lot and she’s 2, she is starting to get a horrid attitude where sometimes I’m like Woah wtf is going on right now hahaha. But we don’t live in town we live 20+ minutes outside of any town, so if she runs out of anything or there is an emergency, she can’t get or go anywhere, she can’t cook, not even mac & cheese. So she has to cook 3 meals a day plus snacks plus clean. My aunt lives in town, she has transportation, Hospital, store’s, 5 minutes away from her, knows how to cook & properly take care of a toddler. I told him I don’t want to be worrying about our daughter the whole time we are in the Hospital. If she’s at my aunt’s, at least, I don’t have to worry; this is going to be the longest I’ve ever been away from our daughter. I’ve been away from her one night in the last two years. I’m sorry I want her to be safe & well taken care of with a responsible adult. And after I gave him my reasons, he gave me some shitty attitude & got pissed about it & didn’t care about any of the reasons I had. Do you think I am paranoid? Or do you think he is unreasonable?


That’s a HUGE responsibility for a teen.

I’d have the aunt watch her.

I think your being reasonable. Your daughter would be safer with her Aunty.

The aunt definitely. I’m sorry 15 is not old enough to be caring for a 2 year old for 3 whole days. Anything could happen. And you need to feel comfortable and no stressed while having a new baby and your husband needs to respect that


I kind of agree with you, Mom. She’s 15. I think I’d question that for my 18yo. Not that she can’t babysit. Not that she isn’t responsible. It’s just too long, too far away from town and too much could go wrong. Probably wouldn’t…but could.
Nope. You deserve your peace while in the hospital and your Aunt can give that to you. The 15yo could certainly help the Aunt?

I was a very responsible 15 year old and yet I don’t think I wouldve been a good candidate to watch a 2 year old for that much time. I have a 2 year old now and they try to kill themselves I swear lol. They’re a lot of work. More than I think a 15 year could handle.

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The first thing that popped out at me from this is you’re married to her dad, do you not call her your stepdaughter also? Back to the responsibility tho If it was just for a day i would be ok with it but not for multiple days.

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Doesn’t the 15 year old have to go to school?


As someone who’s watched a child much younger than your daughter at the same age as your step daughter, let your Aunty watch the little one. They’re SO much responsibility especially for someone who’s only 15


I agree with you. That is a lot for a 15 year old. Especially one that can’t cook. And like you said if there’s an emergency she’s completely stuck.

My babysitter is 15 and the longest she has watched my 4 year old is 6 and half hours And my work is 12 mins from home. It’s not that I dont trust her but that is def a lot for a teenager to handle that for that many days!!!

I agree with you and don’t even see why he would think his daughter would be a better option…

That’s a lot of responsibility to leave to a 15 year old. I tried to trust my cousin who was 18 to watch my kid for a few hours while we were out of town and my mom would take over at night. She couldn’t handle it. She called me and complained the entire time, was over watching my child after only a few hours and my mom ended up having to take off work because she basically said she was leaving either way and my kid was the same age as your daughter.

Every teenager is different but after that experience I’ve only asked one other cousin to watch my child and that’s because I know she’s actually responsible and loves my kids. Leave her with your aunt.

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You’re not being unreasonable at all. At 15 i could barley handle a fake robot child for 3 days let alone a living breathing toddler.

You can not leave a baby with a minor for 3 days…anything could happen

Bring the 2yo to the aunts. A 15 yo doesn’t need to be alone for 3+ days without any transportation. Just too dangerous these days.

I don’t even leave my kids with teenagers for a couple hours. So i think you are definitely in the right. They are to impulsive and toddlers can be rough. She should stay with your aunt.

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15 is not a good age to be with a child for more than a few hours. Its a big responsibility for someone so young. I would not even leave her home alone for 3 days… Send the teen to an aunts house too!


No way. A few hours is fine but a whole three days alone with a toddler? NOPE.