I Don't Know What to Do About Trick-or-Treating This Year Due to COVID-19: Advice?


I saw a post about the age your kids were when you took them trick or treating. It got me thinking, this year with COVID-19/the coronavirus, what are your thoughts?

I want to, but I’m nervous. My husband says, ‘what’s the difference if they go trick or treating when our oldest son is in school?’

I’m in a moral conflict with myself. I know there isn’t really a difference, but somehow in my mind, there is? Hearing your choices and thoughts may ease my mind."

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“The difference is that some people are deliberately avoiding children who are attending school due to immune conditions. I’m avoiding it this year just out of respect for those who are nervous, not because I am. Instead, we are doing a haunted house with the kids and grandkids at home. We’re going to do a lolly hunt in the dark with red flashlights.”

“No, none of my kids will be going this year. They are not even attending school or going to public places.”

“We’re going trick or treating! I agree with your husband. I don’t see a reason not to. Most of us are working with the public. Some children are back in school… We’re all out shopping at the market. Touching items and buying them. I don’t see a reason to stop the kids from having their normal Halloween.”

“Absolutely! These kids have sat out on enough. If it’s safe to get mail, it’s safe to get candy.”

“Nope, my daughter doesn’t want to go. She made the decision herself. Really never understood the concept anyway, we tell our kids not to take candy from strangers, but then we go and let them take candy from strangers. We will be having Halloween movies, candy, pizza, and desserts at home.”

“My daughter is 8 months old. I’m not missing her first Halloween. But since she doesn’t get candy we’ll only be doing visits with family and friends who want to see her in her costume. But I wouldn’t have a guilty conscience if she was older. Kids have been stripped of so much normalcy. If they can face school which is an infestation of germs, then I wouldn’t strip something that would bring them a little light. Especially since its a holiday that masks are normal. They aren’t entering homes. All the candy is individually wrapped and should be checked over anyway. So a quick wipe is no big deal. I personally don’t see any harm in it. My town also only has 2 cases out of 50’000 people. So maybe if I was in a high-risk area I’d rethink my decision. But if you decide door to door is something you want to skip, there are so many festive things you can do to make up for it. And still bring so joy to them.”

“If your child is in school, it doesn’t matter. Might as well not rob him of Halloween! My son is too young to go this year but if he was, say 2, I wouldn’t be participating myself. As he wouldn’t be exposed currently so why expose him. But I’m a stickler with COVID.”

“Nope! We will enjoy baking, plenty of activities, movies, games, etc. all at home. Something new and different. My kid won’t eat all that candy anyway. No need to expose ourselves. We don’t live in “fear” either BUT we have been extremely careful this whole time, not risking it for couple pieces of free candy.”

The CDC has issued guidelines about Halloween and trick-or-treating in 2020 with COVID-19 as a factor. Read our article about it here or visit the CDC’s website.

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Let them be kids!! Take them trick or treating. It’s pretty much social distanced anyways :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Go trick or treating

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Why would you go to doors and let people put candy In The treat bags ?
Germs germs


No none of my kids will be going this year. They are not even attending school or going to public places.


Absolutely! These kids have sat out on enough. If it’s safe to get mail, it’s safe to get candy.


I’m taking mine. I will not let the Rona stop my kids from having what little normalcy they can have. And my girls already picked out what the wanna be. They are excited and ready. Plus there is a way to go without being worried about exposure.


We go everywhere else… So we are going.

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I say go but if you are really worried mask them a mask to match there costumes. I’ve already started seeing all kinds of cool mask on pinterest and Facebook.

I guess it will really depend if people open the door when they knock. My kids go to school. My son has a Dino costume from last year that completely covers him. My daughter isn’t sure. We will have candy if someone knocks. I think as long as you’re healthy and wear a mask it’s okay. Faith over fear.

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I refuse to live in fear personally. We will trick or treat and use sanitizer, same as for flu season


Hell no. We are going to have plenty of fun without coming into contact with dozens of strangers. We are doing a small party at my mom’s house. We all virtual school and pretty much stay home all the time, so they’re the “safe pod”… but no. No trick or treating. Just pumpkin painting, lots of cool snacks, a candy scavenger hunt, and ghost stories around the fire pit while we roast marshmallows. I’d much rather do this every year, honestly.


Yes since Walmart and other places are open so why not

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We arent letting this virus hold us back from anything. My kids will be trick or treating if they want to. They are 4 and 2. I also dont make my kids wear masks at all. Just the way I feel about it. :woman_shrugging:t5:


We will give your kids a treat if you bring them. I think WRAL has a zoning map to where you can trick or treat per normal…or something in between…

Me personally I am not taking my 3 yr old trick or treating I’m goin to dress her up and take her to family’s house but that’s it it sucks not risking it tho


Yep no use living in fear . Wear a mask


We are. She also goes to school and dance full time :woman_shrugging:
We typically opt for church/other events as opposed to door to door. Not many people do door to door here.

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Honestly, I think if people want to have Christmas with family they need to forget Halloween.

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My daughters’ girl scout troop is thinking of doing a drive-thru type trunk-or- treat event :jack_o_lantern::ghost: all candy would be in ziploc bags to easily pass out at each stop