I don't like my childs teacher and want to audio record her at school: Advice?

Have any mamas put an audio recorder in their kids backpack?? I don’t like my child’s teacher. I’m worried about the things he says in class and want to listen in.


I don’t think your allowed to record ppl without them knowing

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I would ask principal to sit in on class


Switch teachers. Bring it up to the principal and have a meeting about your concerns. There are other avenues to take before doing something illegal.


It’s definitely illegal to record people without their knowledge and permission.

If you have an issue, take it up with the school principal.

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I would think you’d have to check with your state law. I know in NJ you can record without other persons consent but not sure other states

I would ask principal to sit in on class.

Depending on where you live, that may be illegal. My daughter had a teacher that was saying racist things to her and I went by her word and went to the guidance counselor and the principal

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I can understand your concern. Do yourself a favor, make sure your state is a one call party law. As long as it is, you are allowed to audio record as you would be the person knowing it’s being recorded. If it’s not, then you’re putting yourself in danger by breaking the law. So do a check before doing anything like that. And if you can’t record then I would schedule a meeting with the teacher and the principal if you are that concerned.

That’s illegal in most states. Talk to the principle and change classes

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Go ahead if you want to get arrested… ask to sit in the class or let the principal know what your concerns are

They have those watches that you can listen in on but it doesn’t record— through Verizon I think?

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You should be able to sit in on classes to observe.

That’s illegal asf, and disgusting huge invasion of privacy
Move your childs class and stop being childish talk to the school like any normal parent Express your concerns and work as a team.


Why don’t you just go in and volunteer.

The Gizmo Watch has a feature where you can put it on silent . When you call it will automatically answer after 4 rings I believe and you can listen to what is going on in the surrounding area. Just a thought.


That’s definitely illegal to record someone without their knowledge :woman_facepalming:t2:

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that’s definitely illegal😂

It’s illegal and won’t be used as evidence in court. It’s a violation of privacy. If you tell the teacher you will be sending your child to school and recording what is being said to her/him then you might be able to use it against the teacher if your state allows it b