I don't think my best friend spends enough time with her son: Advice?

You posted this already…


You guys are no longer best friends. Her life has changed too much for you. You should just let her be because your judgment will only get worst. Her son is 2 months old. He’s being taken care of. She works and is single. Idk but in this matter I feel like the only people that should have a problem with the way she’s living are her parents. If they’re being supportive while she goes through all these changes why can’t you? If the kids in danger report it. If not just let her be. Her parents will let her know when they’ve had enough tbh. But they’re probably fine and love the little Angel.


If you’re an actual friend then you should say something! Find a nice way to say it. Real friends talk to their friends when their are making bad decisions!


Mind you’re own business. Unless you’re with her 24/7 you have no idea what’s going on behind closed doors.


With parents like that they don’t realize they will be taking care of all her kids in the future out there making MORE babies for them to watch while she goes out to get pregnant Ive seen this with my own eyes :eyes:

This question was already asked like 2 weeks ago. The answer from everyone then was to mind your business, and the answer today is still mind your business.


It’s really none of your business. And really I think you sound more jealous than you do concerned. Just because your life revolves around your child and you don’t go out doesn’t mean she shouldn’t.


Imo it sounds like a deeper issue, possible PPD.

Not your place, No matter how you say it she’s going to take it the wrong way.

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The ones that are saying “mind your own business” condone this behavior because they behave the same way as your friend does. If this is your lifetime friend you should be able to talk to her about anything regardless of how hard the conversation is. I agree with others that it could be PPD or that your friend was just not ready to grow up and be a mother yet.


As her bestie and someone who’s known her her whole life, there isnt anyone else that’s ganna say something to her but you. It’s a touchy subject obvi. And it could put strain on your relationship, but what are friends fir if not pointing out when were being iffy.
Maybe she’s got some I securities with parenting or something else and just isnt dealing with it because being busy is easier.
I’d talk to her

Why dont you offer her some help? Maybe she’s fucking struggling.

Mind Your Own Business.

This has already been posted wtf?

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I would invite your friend and baby to go with you some where or even come over to hang out that wZu she is spending time with son and you at same time. But I also agree it’s better to stay out of it.

I understand your desire to want to say something. unless she is seriously neglecting her child, the task more falls on her parents to say no and tell her that she needs to be home raising her baby.

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Invite her to activities together, u know like play dates kindof… she’s new to this and it’s awesome she has a friend like you that cares… maybe if she sees there are lots of family activities she can do and see u being a good mom and spending time with ur kids maybe she will too…


Real friends don’t bullshit their friends. There are so many fake friends in the world who just wanna kiss your ass and lie straight to your face just to avoid hurting your feelings/keep you as a friend. Those bad feeling you feel when you’re doing wrong are important. Be honest with her. And if she’s a real friend, she may be upset, but she’ll still be your friend at the end of the day.


Not your business. Also, she may need it. I’d rather her spend the time away than become frustrated with parenting or her child have to feel those vibes from her. The child is being taken care of by her parents when she’s away. It’s really not that big of a deal. She’s in his life and he’s safe. She has a support system. Let her parents tell her to stay home if anything.

Some moms have a disconnect with their kids. Sometimes it’s a learned behavior and sometimes not. Postpartum depression or other undiagnosed mental illness are the culprits. Maybe sign up for moms and me type groups with her where the moms and their kids learn together and sometimes separately. Good social activities in a supportive learning environment.