I don't think my best friend spends enough time with her son: Advice?

Since you are her best friend invite her over and ask her to bring her son maybe she needs some guidance on how to relate to her child being a new Mom is difficult especially without support of a hubby if you show her by spending time with her baby is important and with guidance she will understand completely how important it is to bond with her child the Grandparents are just loving the baby but there going to get older and tired of raising her child


This question was just posted last week. Why are we seeing it again?


Mind your business. Simple as that. I watch my grandbaby as much as I can and want so my daughter can have time to herself. Obviously they have no problem with it so I dont see why you think you have a right to even say she should stay at home more.

Unfortunately it isn’t your business

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You already said its not your place to say anything. You answered your own question. Its not your place to tell her how to be a parent. Thats something her and her parents who babysit the child should talk about if they see it as a problem. So just don’t worry about it.


Tell her how you feel if it bothers you that much just expect to lose a friend. Which would probably be less stressful for you if you cant stop thinking about it. Maybe this is also an internal problem on your end. Work on yourself :ok_hand:t3:


I say ask her with love if she is ok. Maybe she doesn’t know how to ask for help. As a lifelong friend I would appreciate being asked . Perhaps talk about your own experiences.


Maybe invite her to do something with all the kids. Beyond that its her business if thats how she wants to raise her kid.


As much as I disagree with her parenting, it is her business. But, if you’re that good of friends, talk to her about it. Though, I’m sure it will offend her. But, again, like I said, I disagree too, but it’s her business.


Plan an activity for her son . . . A craft thing or a playgroup. Invite them to spend time with each other in a big group.

If you’ve know each other all your Iives consider why she might be behaving this way. Is this trying to create a better life for her and her son or avoiding her reality? Either way, approach it from a place of love and see what you can do to help her be more aware. This child deserves a least one parent putting his needs first. Good luck!

I am that real friend that will tell you what I have observed to be a negative. Take it and grow, or leave it and continue on. I would not break friendships because of it. But if you do so be it. Because our friendship isn’t what I thought. I believe as a true friend. I need to play my position. That of a true friend. Don’t see something then leave you hanging. Now if you are immature and can’t accept constructive criticism,that is on you. But if we are besties, it goes both ways. You talk to me if you observe something. And vice versa.

If you say anything she will probably blame you for interfering. Just suggest doing things together that involve the kids. Some people have different parenting styles. But some parents are selfish and put their needs above their child’s. That doesn’t make it right but some people are that way. I would encourage as many things as you could to involve all of you such as cookouts,camping,swimming,going to the park,movie night,ball games,art projects, festivals.

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My advice: invite her and her child to do things (kid friendly things) with you and your children. Just be her friend or don’t! Stop judging. Also please keep in mind not all parents are the same and not all parent child relationships are the same. You say you know she loves her child, I am sure if you see it the child feels it too. The child also could be benefiting from the close relationship with with his grandparents. It is normal to want to act young and single when you are young and single. If the kid is in bed or on his way to bed when she goes out he nor she are missing too much. As long as her behaviors do not endanger her child or make him feel unloved (sounds like he is with family who loves him when he isn’t with her) I would say MYOB or cut the relationship off for her sake and yours if you can’t get past her having a different lifestyle than you.


Her parents should stop babysitting. they are extending too much freedom to her.

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Maybe say things like I don’t know you can bear being away from your kid so much since I can’t stand to be without mine for very long… or wow Sam (idk your kids names) has grown so much They grow so fast I’m so glad I was around to experience all his first and be a constant in his life… maybe if you just talk about your relationship with your kids she will realize how much she is missing. Other then that I think it’s on her… one day her son is going to realize who really did the raising and she is going to have to deal with the consequences.

Mind your own business. Parents have different ways of parenting. It’s up to her to figure it out.


If you tell her that’s fine. But her parents are there & I am sure they are loving it that their grandbaby is there with them & given him everything he needs…and that includes attention

Perhaps you should find out why she thinks she needs to go out so much? she may be suffering from rejection if the boyfriend walked out on her and is seeking re-assurance she is still attractive. There may also be some post natal depression there,


Invite her on a outing with your kids . show by example, she may be hurt and shut down because of the break up and she may not know she is doing it . Could be a number of things. So just try to get her to go out with the kids.