I don't think my boyfriends kid is his: Advice?

I would have this post anonymously, my boyfriend have been together for four years going on five on the 25th we have a two-year-old daughter, and he has another daughter from his previous relationship, but I’ve only met this little girl twice. I’m having a hard time accepting that this is his daughter because she doesn’t have his last name and doesn’t look anything like him. And the mother of his other daughter communicates with his mom and brothers but not him (my boyfriend) only if she wants money she will reach out to him. Would I be wrong to ask him to get a paternity test? She’s 7 going on eight this year. 4 hours ago


Bad idea Sweetie. She communicates with his family and only talks to him when she “wants” money?

Any responsible man doesn’t need his baby mother to chase him around for child support.

And that’s what her asking him for money is = child support with or without a court order whatever money he gives her will benefit that child’s life.

THAT is none of your business at all specially if his mother and his family accept that child as his and they are openly communicating with her mom without any issues.

I promise you that if you open that can of worms and it only confirms that he is the daddy you will never, ever, live it down.

The child can look like her mom or her mom family. You don’t need a last name to establish the paternity of a child although it’s nice if the father willingly signs the birth certificate but it doesn’t always happen.

I think you are being petty and I suspect your mother in law ain’t having none of that.


That’s a touchy subject. I guess the question behind all of that is what are the dynamics, like why does she not reach out to him personally and why is he not really involved in her life that you have only met her a few times? All in all this is something I would’ve tried to find out about way before having a child of my own with him. Asking him now about paternity after being with him for so long and putting it out there like that will make you look like the bad person and you may end up shooting yourself in the foot for opening up a can of worms.


Honestly the child doesn’t have to have his last name to be his but also as his girlfriend unless you are planning on spending the rest of your life with him I think you should let him deal with it because in reality it does not effect you at all


Not your baby not your business- you just a girlfriend not his wife - you don’t get a vote.
You came along after this child.
A small lesson on genetic
Might do you good because looks has nothing to do with it -


Seems to me if he had any doubt he would have did this himself already. Ask him why he hasn’t and if he says he don’t feel the need to then you have your answer. If he says idk… you can encourage him to proceed but it’s his decision.

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If she doesn’t have his last name he can get a blood test before giving her money. But if he wants to claim her you got to deal with it

Hell, run it yourself, you can buy it at CVS or Walgreens and mail it off .
Then you will have the facts and not just speculation and can talk to him about it .

Doesn’t have to look like him,if he claims her,she’s his,blood doesn’t matter. You should appreciate he’s a stand up dad and support him or walk away

If hes willing to be the father then let him. Youll be stepping on toes. Last names dont mean much in this world anymorw unfortunately

Not your business
If he considers her his then your opinion is null and void.


Mind your business I’m quite sure if it felt as though she wasn’t he would have done one himself

If he’s on her birth certificate no changing that.
Not Married leave it Alone!

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You sound very immature … stay out of it, it’s none of your business

Stay in your lane. This relationship is none of your busy-ness.

Doesn’t have to be blood to be his. He is claiming to be the father honor it.

That would be wrong & it is none of your business!!! Quite an accusation to make!!!

If he wants to care for that child, let him!

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I have 2 step kids. No, they’re not mine but I’m still gonna care for them and except them.

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Mind your business! That is all

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