I don't think my husband deserves to go out with his mom: Advice?

My mother-in-law invited my husband for spring break vacation, just him and her and her two daughters. I’ve had trust issues with him, women, recently drug abuse, he’s clean now (so far), and he’s been jobless for over a year. I have been the only one bringing any kind of income into the home for about a year now. Has he worked overtime to make ends meet, and should he get rewarded? We have three kids together, little ones, and she never considers them nor asks about them. He is aware that she isn’t the best grandma to my children but, of course, covers for her as his mom. Yes, I feel left out, but not only did I not get to take my kids anywhere for spring break because I’m cautious with money, he never wants to do anything, even if it’s the park. He let me know she invited him to leave within 24 hours, and I got upset and asked if he really thought he deserves to go and if it was fair for him to go while we stayed behind? So much more in detail bottom line is I don’t trust him. It’s a work in progress, I don’t trust my MIL and I don’t believe it’s fair ?!


Not fair. I would be pissed


Why are the Royals so upset about Oprah when they stood by and could have protected Harry and Megan from the tabloids itheir and what was said. Does not make sense sorry.


Id want him to go maybe when he came back hed be a better person to be around

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I wouldn’t put it so much as “deserving” to go. No, he shouldn’t go. He’s the stay at home dad, you work. If you don’t get a break when you’re handling things, he definitely does not need to go out of towm on an unplanned trip with what equates to zero notice when you have three kids together. Has he planned for child care while you’re at work? If not then sorry bud. Part of being an adult member of a family is making sure your things are handled and it definitely did not sound like he had anything handled to put less stress on you. Time with momma, great…if she doesn’t hinder his recovery which is going to be a thing the rest of his life. They can have time together and she can visit her grandkids. Not take your support away.


Maybe you and the kids, could go somewhere, Its time to pack your grip.


I’m just straight baffled if this is how your relationship is like why are you even with him like your doing everything yourself anyway and you don’t trust him so why even be with him life is short to be to be miserable and dealing with that he’s a man child throw the whole man out he’s showing you who he truly is by his actions cause a real man would work and provide and help with his kids and a real man won’t go anywhere with out his family know your worth


Make him take the kids at least


You already know the answer, time to cut momma’s boy lose.


give him so be days to get a job or be out-he don’t work-he don’t eat-why do you fool with him?

Girl you deserve better and so do those babies. I hate to say it you are better off without all of them.


Let him go…then you and your kids go wherever you want and enjoy Spring Break without either of them…

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A man with no job! Let him go and tell him not to come back until he has a job


I would change the locks while he is away. Pack up his stuff and deliver to his mum’s place. You and the kids will be better off without him. Move him home to his Mumma and let her continue to make a mess of him,


Let him go … pack his shit while he’s gone.

This is what you should say, when he says he’s going…


1 not fair no 2 I think you guys need counceling or divorce there is no relationship without trust. You deserve to not have to worry about making ends meet, drug issues, and infidelity. You deserve a partner. I would let him go and think long and hard. Possibly start the process while he’s gone and it’s easier. Not saying you dint love him but this isn’t a healthy relationship. You now resent him. And your kids deserve a better grandmother. You are a wonderful mom and are kicking ass at it. Keep your head high momma

You can’t really control him although your reasoning to be upset is fair. If he’s really that bad especially doing drugs I would’ve left. I can only stand by someone so long doing stuff that will hurt our relationship and kids but drugs would be the line that I would never let be crossed

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Reward?? Deserves?? Is this ur husband or ur child?