I don't think my in laws should visit because of COVID: Advice?

A few months ago my in laws booked a flight to come stay with us. Now that things are getting worse with the virus my husband’s work is getting a bit more strict. We aren’t doing Thanksgiving or Christmas with my immediate family due to them working in health care and deciding they thought that was best. My mil is starting in the ER, and my fil apparently doesn’t go anywhere. I have a 1 yr old as of today and a 3.5-year-old; we’ve been staying home and playing it safe. We’ve decided right now is not the best time for them to come and vocalized that yesterday. My mil said, “I get tested all the time, and I’ll get tested before I leave; we also mask on the airplane”.I don’t care if you get tested. I don’t care if you wear a mask…I don’t feel comfortable with them staying with us or coming, for that matter, right now. We don’t live in a warm area where we can distance. They just brushed it off and said they would stay with his sister who lives here, but that still is beside the fact right now, we don’t feel that it is a good idea. They will want to go out to eat and still be at our home. Of course, I want to see them, and of course, I want them to see their grandkids, but I don’t think it is worth the risk right now, and I’m kind of pissed they just brushed off what we said. I know everyone feels differently about this virus, and that’s okay; I just feel like this is what is best for my husband’s job and the health of our family, especially since we aren’t doing anything with my family who we have been around carefully through all of this.


If that’s what you think that’s what you should do.

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Stick to ur guns! I work for a hospital and was just diagnosed with Covid. After trace contacting I was told I most likely got it from work. No matter how careful I was I still got it.

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I would be afraid that even if they tested negative, they might have germs on their belongings or that they may have been exposed and it’s just not showing up yet. I want so much to go see my siblings, but am afraid of all the “what ifs”. Stick to your guns, keep your family as safe as possible, even tho I’m sure you and your kids want to see them. Mothers instinct.

Just tell them you dont feel safe right now with them coming .but you are looking forward to visit with them when things are better with virus.they will get over it. Its time to respect each other right now.we dont all feel the same.

Well we are driving 900 miles for Christmas to see family 6 of which are health care workers 24 close family members. It’s all in what you are comfortable with


Nope, they could easily pick it up on the way to your house.


My in laws are teachers they do not see my child right now.

If they insist on coming and staying with his sister they can come say hi to the kids through the window. If they don’t like that option oh well its up to you to do what you think is best for your family.


Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. How long are we going to continue to push away loved ones for a virus with a 99.9% survival rate? If they were to pass from a car accident or something in the next year, will you regret not letting your children seen them?


You’re an adult. Stand up for yourself and tell them you don’t feel safe having them visit. You don’t have to let anyone in your house that you aren’t comfortable with having there.


Stay firm with your decision and what you’re feeling, because it’s the RIGHT decision. They should NOT be traveling right now! What does your spouse say? He should be the one telling them your doors are closed (and he should have your back if this is mostly your decision for your family). Have him be the bearer of bad news since it’s his family, and let them know that this year, you’re only celebrating with those who live in your home. In our state we’re “prohibited” from gatherings with people outside our home. It’s not easy and it sucks (my 18m old hasn’t seen his grandpa since he was 8M!), but I’d rather skip this year and celebrate next year, with everyone healthy! I keep saying I’d rather spend Thanksgiving alone with my immediate family, than have to say goodbye to someone in the ICU via phone at Christmas time. Good luck!

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Your choice at the end of the day if you don’t want them there just say No you are not to come to our house right now.

I’d say you need to be telling your husband this, not us, in the nicest way, your mind is made up already you dont need internet permission, you need to tell him.


After I had my second baby my father was visiting my sister then was due to visit me. My sister called me the day before he was due to visit saying he had been violently puking all day, fever, the works. I called my step mom and told her that the trip was cancelled. I had a new born and a 4 year old and was healing from delivery and I was not going to allow anyone sick into my home. My dad was angry at me but got over it. Stick to your guns. Its your home and your rules.

Do what you feel is best the only thing I can tell you is my opinion which is I will not let this virus keep me from seeing and spending time with family because tomorrow is not promised I lost my uncle last year the last time I had seen him was Sept 2019 he died December 28th 2019 (he was only in his 30s or 40s) I missed seeing him Christmas eve by 2 mins and that kills me everyday

Covid before family? In my opinion, ludicrous! None of it makes any sense, lockdowns, inaccurate figures etc. Don’t feed the fear! Live your life, let others live theirs. What an absolute shame to stop family visiting - sooooo many people can only wish to be blessed with family visits again.
For the record, my partner is currently immuno compromised with leukemia - so I am not naieve to this situation and the ‘risks’. Life is for living. We need exposure to build immunity.
Each to their own and I respect your choice.
I am simply sharing my view on a post you asked for others thoughts on.
Love xx


You do what you feel is best for your family and stand firm. I’m immunocompromised due to a childhood illness and get sick all the time. I’m a germ freak anyways, so COVID hasn’t changed my routine much. Your family’s health is more important than someone’s feelings. Every person is different and will react differently to the virus. If you and your husband are uncomfortable with them coming, tell them no.


If she’s a healthcare worker she understands the severity.
This could be your last opportunity to see them. You never know what life throws at you next


My patents are in heaven. I think you can guess what i would do.:heart: Time is short. Life your life there are a lot of things more deadly than covid.