I don't think my in laws should visit because of COVID: Advice?

Wait,you said you don’t care if they have been tested and wear a mask…those are the two major factors in “slowing the spread”.Why wouldn’t you care that they’re taking precaution to see family?That makes as much sense as having to wear a mask into a restaurant but taking it off to eat…in the restaurant lol as if the virus only stays in specific areas.


Stand up for what you think is best for your family. I’m sorry they can’t be understanding but that’s not your problem.


If it’s her in-laws, her husband should tell them not to visit if they aren’t listening to her. If he has already let them know, and they aren’t listening to him, only option they’ve got, they can avoid them by simply not answering the door.


If they are staying with the sister then it’s no longer your problem to control. Draw your boundaries and stay firm. You allow who comes in your home and where you go. Outside of that is not your problem or concern.


If your in-laws WORK in a Healthcare setting, and they don’t see the threat… think about that. They are more careful, educated, and skilled than the average citizen. I personally don’t think you need to worry or stress about it. This SCANdemic is putting the fear into people so that they can control you. Be safe. Wash your hands.


If you live in Pennsylvania, tell them to stay home! Numbers are climbing rapidly. Shut downs are likely to happen. Not fearful , just adapting wisely for everyone’s best interest.How would you feel if elderly MIL or FIL end up recovering alone in a local hospital because the took the risk to visit family? Obviously you maintain good family relations from a distance for most of the year. Plan a visit in a warmer season!


I have read this post several times and can’t help but wonder if her immediate family was ok having the holidays together, then would it be ok for the in-laws? Her family has been allowed access to them, taking precautions, until they made the decision to not get together. I realize COVID is very serious and am not judging your concern, but the way this reads is more “if we aren’t seeing my family, we aren’t seeing yours.”


This is why we are where we are with this pandemic smh to some of these posts how hard is it to give up a few things so next year everyone will still be around. Instead of bein selfish and then someone gets it and dies then what the guilt won’t be pretty. Everyone just follow suit and we can get on with our lives for fuck sakes


Doesn’t even make sense. You say they booked a flight just a few months ago, and covid has been in high gear well beyond that. They’re willing to get tested to show they’re not a risk. I think its odd to try and cancel on them a few days before the holiday. You said they made other arrangements? So this doesn’t sound like this is at all your problem or your concern anymore. If you don’t want to see them, don’t??


Your choice, your home,
Have your husband talk to them and set it straight.

That is his parents, and he needs to let them know that they have to respect your decision of your little family. Also if his job is getting more strict on it. You can explain to them that if they just so happen to get Covid that it would be detrimental to your husband‘s job and your financial obligations.


This virus is not going away. At some point you need to take your chances and live your life. We are faced with risks everyday. See your loved ones. We are not promised tomorrow. Just my opinion


Everyone has the right to decide who may stay with them. You are missing the point. If for instance, someone had been exposed to chicken pox and said they were ignoring doctors advice and coming to visit what would you say

Your in laws are more vulnerable than your kids. They are taking the bigger risk by traveling to you all. And as a healthcare worker I can tell you work isn’t the threat, I feel more at risk at the grocery store or around friends which is why I’ve avoided both as much as possible. But you’re right if you’re not comfortable stick to your method of quarantine. We mostly only see my in laws for that reason I’ve cut everyone else off. I don’t want to risk exposure to my in laws. But I did meet my mother once this year, we just quarantine a few days after before going back over to my in laws house.


It’s up to you, of course. I would let your husband decide (without pressure from you), as it’s his parents. If he is okay with them coming over, then you should make a concession.


It is your home and your family and your decisions need to be respected around whatever you choose in life for your family

100% your kids, your decision. I get it and they should support what you’ve asked wether they believe it’s necessary or not.


People need to stop being scared and start living their NORMAL lives. Next week the government will tell you to wear a mask in your own house, are you going to comply? Smh🤦🏼‍♀️


If they’re staying with the sister then you have no say whatsoever. And if your side of the family gets to see you/your kids in a careful manner, why shouldn’t they?


Stand for what you believe,just protecting your family.this virus is serious and people treating it like a cold or flu!


I’m sorry but if you’ve been around your family then his family should be able to see you guys as well. I understand the worries but if you are carefully seeing your family then he can carefully see his family.