I don't think my sons teacher works with his class on reading: Advice?

Hey ladies, I’m having a difficult time helping my 5-year-old Kindergartener to read. He’s either advanced or on grade level with everything else but does struggle with reading. I’m not going to lie. Both my boyfriend and I do have our “suspicions” I guess that his teacher doesn’t do much at school reading-wise. In your opinion, do you think it would be helpful at all to pay a tutor possibly this summer once schools out to help him more than we already are? I know most of you will say to reach out to the teacher about our concerns, and we have, but while she is a pretty good teacher she doesn’t interact with parents as much as we’d like if hardly at all. also since I have you all here lol, what’s your opinion on Peppa Pig? I’m not a fan, and his teacher is showing them episodes ect on her at school, and I really don’t understand why. Peppa is rude and doesn’t follow the rules/listen. If any of you have experience with homeschool (I would hire someone to come to my home as teaching scared the crap out of me ), private Christian school(he attended prek there, and I loved it) and public school which would you say are best. Prolonged, multiple question post over lol. Thanks in advance. I really do appreciate ALL feedback.


A teacher can only do so much. It has to continue at home as well. Reading every night with your child & helping your child learn what sound each letter makes is super important when learning how to read. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


Have you looked into abc mouse? We would use it daily and my son started reading those baby books with the one word per page at 3 and by 5 was reading at a second grade level. I think it helps alot that it’s one on one and the parents are involved while also playing a game.

Hun. He’s only 5. The only way you are going to find out if the reading issue is something the teacher is or isn’t doing or if your son has a reading issue is you are going to have to talk to the teacher. No need to hire a tutor just yet when it’s something you can work on at home with him. It isn’t just the schools job to teach them, you also have to study at home.


5 year olds are only learning sight words…they can barely write letters let alone read…don’t make an issue of something that isn’t necessary. let your 5 year old be a 5 year old. reading will come in school years ahead.


Are you doing your part as a parent at home? Words are HARD. Math and science and everything else at the age of FIVE is EASY.
If you have “suspicions” (which is suspicious in and of itself, being in quotes…), then go talk to the freaking teacher. I’m sure they spend a good chunk of their day with reading and spelling.
He doesn’t need a tutor. Start at home. Read every night, have him read off menus, etc, (the easy words, obviously), and start there. TALK TO THE TEACHER. You’re jumping the gun here. Try other stuff before a tutor. :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:


Get his eyes checked. Astigmatism is sometimes hard to catch. My SD can fly through anything else but when it comes to reading she has a hard time because the letters blend

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Why can’t you read to him?


I am a kindergarten teacher and my students are reading… I have so many questions. How do you know his teacher “isn’t doing much reading-wise” :thinking:


My daughter is five and only knows a handful of sight words. He’s in kindergarten I think your overreacting a bit. He’ll be fine. I hate Pepa Pig but I’ll take her any day over Cailou


So why don’t you teach him to read?? It’s not only up to the teacher what you do at home is vital!


My kids learned to read early like before kindy mostly because I read to them constantly before bed every night. Just those little easy readers you can get from Walmart. Like 3-4 before bed. I’d point to the words as I read them. I’d let them take turns on choosing stories each night and just one day they started reading to me. I also made flash cards of sight words like the, and, cat, dog, and when we went to the store, tide milk, bread, stuff like that. It will really help them a lot . Hope it helps your family :blush:

He’s 5! Give him a second to grow up a little! Sounds like he’s learning alot!

Is this seriously a real question :rofl: yes peppa pig is the devil don’t let her influence your child :joy:

Believing education for your child is going to happen solely at school is asinine. You are responsible for your child’s education. Sit down and read with your kids 20 minutes a night. Now, this is if reading at age 5 is that important to you. To be honest, many people including myself feel that they are pushing kids to read at too young of an age. Our system In the US has seen no marginal benefits over other countries that wait until later to promote reading.

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Blaming the teacher?? Maybe you could work with him at home first. Teachers can not do everything… There are other children in the class.
When he is at home You can do one on one teaching. Get involved!! Don’t just rely on the school… YOU have to do your part.

I spent countless hours teaching my son to read. Flash cards with sight words we went over daily. Put aside the ones he learned focused on the ones he struggled with. Eventually mixing them back together to make sure he still had them down. Wrote down the ones he didn’t know repeatedly. Then bought beginner books couple sentences each page he’d read to me. He’d read them til he learned it and moved onto the next book. Again went back through the books he learned to make sure he still had it. Words he struggled with in the book we wrote down went over added to the flashcard pile. It takes work, but you have to be wlling to sit down with him and do it. It’s our job to teach our children. Not the teachers in my opinion.

Did I read the same post as everyone else?? SHE IS READING AT HOME WITH HIM…she doesnt think the teacher is reading much with them at school and said the teacher is not very communicative with parents…she said she has brought her concerns to the teacher already.
And ik at least in our school district, a letter gets sent home before they show any movies or tv shows to our kids to make sure its okay.

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ABC mouse. It’s like 60 bucks for the year. It helps with that kinda stuff, you can do tests with the kids on it. My 3 year old knows some basic words already. It makes it a game for them so learning is fun. Definitely recommend

What grade? Do they do iready?