I don't trust my family members new partner: Advice?

So one of my child’s family members has a new partner. I have only met this person a handful of times, but to be honest, I’m not sure I like them too much, one or two things have given me a reason to feel this way. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I won’t want my child being babysat if that person is around because I don’t know them well enough, and I’m not sure I’ll ever know them well enough to trust them around my child, even if my child’s relative is present!! Am I extreme??


I’m gonna need to know the couple reasons you mention but fail to specify…


Listen to you’re gut feeling!!

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it’s your kid follow your instincts


What is the relation between the child and the family member? What are the “couple things” that make you uncomfortable?

Its easy to say “trust your gut” but our “gut” is often influenced by our personal feelings and not a true reflection of the situation at hand.


Nope. You’re a good mom. Follow your gut instinct even if others don’t like it.

Go with your gut instinct :wink:

Trust your gut. You don’t need to be vocal, just do what is best for your child.

NO! follow your gut feelings.

No momma. Trust your gut!

I have a cousin in my family that I won’t let my kids within 5 feet of. They got into some trouble a few years ago and I can’t avoid the whole family so we stay away from him when everyone gets together.

My husbands family has several relatives that aren’t good people. I haven’t even met most of them and to be honest we don’t really interact with his family at all, they also don’t live near us.

It’s your job to protect them. If you aren’t comfortable with someone then trust those instincts. They usually aren’t wrong.

Extreme, no. Your kid. I don’t care who it is or who they are to my child, if you make me feel like you could even potentially harm my child, you’re out.

You dont have to have your kid around anyone as a courtesy. It’s your job to protect them, and if your gut is saying no, then follow it!

Nope trust your gut instinct

Too many questions to have a real answer. What’s the relation to the family member? What ‘things’ have you concerned? At the end of the day, do whatever to protect your child and always trust your gut

No you are the only one who has your kid’s best interests at heart. You are the decision maker for them. If you don’t want someone around your kid then don’t let them around your kid.

No, DON’T trust anyone around your child!!!

Nope, always follow your gut

Trust your instincts

If you are uncomfortable with that person, then protect ur children