I don't trust my in laws: Advice?

Don’t trust in-laws/favor stepdaughter over my daughter. Should I tell them? My in-laws don’t have any toys for my 1year old, not even a place for her to sleep but do for my stepdaughter. They always are not paying attention when she’s climbing, and their dog is always in her face, and the dog has nipped at kids before. They always are willing to help out my husband’s ex but never me and expect me to put effort into them having a relationship with my daughter. Should I talk to them about not feeling respected? What should I say or am I overreacting?


“my kids can’t visit” will suffice. You’re the mother, nobody puts my kids in dangerous situations, period.


Then don’t bring your kid over there anymore.


You have feelings so if its bothering you, I would talk to them. I’ve had somewhat the same issues occur talking didnt really help much in my case so I decided to take a step back and just not go over there.

Have your husband set them straight

Tell them to grow up or tell them to piss off


That’s something your husband should handle


Please discuss with them your feelings. Maybe bring over toys and a something for your baby to sleep on.

They don’t have any rights to your kids to why are you putting your kids in danger with that dog?

If they can’t change those issues then don’t send the kids

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Move on visit or not if they don’t care for your child they are not going to care if you visit or not common sense


Dont brng her there cut ties u and ur whole family that’s what I would do


Cut them off, move on it’s simple
Toxic is toxic they don’t have your kids need or wants at heart so why should you have theres ?


Ok please don’t be offended; did you have anything to do with the break up of your now husband and his X? (Even if you did, doesn’t give them a right to treat there grand kid differently) Have you expressed your concerns, feelings and issues with your husband.


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I would let my husband handle it.


No you should not talk to them. They know exactly what they’re doing


Tell them the old saying “whats good for the goose is good for the gander.” If they dont treat your daughter the same as your step daughter, take both daughters out of the equation (obviously you dont have control over if the ex takes the SD over there without you or S/O)

I am a little confused. Part of it sounds like you want your little one to visit them more and another part sounds like you are concerned over the dog and lack of supervision when there…they kinda go against each other…if there is safety issued then maybe wait before trying to get ur little one to have more time there.


I would try to express to them how you feel & ask them to put the dog up when yall are visiting. If nothing changes then stop going over there!
Your baby comes first

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How old is your step-daughter? Could it be that they just aren’t baby people? Maybe they help the ex because she’s alone & you’re not? I understand your feelings are hurt. But there could be things you’re not realizing.