I don't want to communicate with my husbands ex: Thoughts?

Ok so iv been married to my husband for a year and a half we are a blended family I have six kids from my previous relationship, and he has one. from the moment that he and started dating she had this warped since of reality that he was just going to up and leave when their son was born( she was five months pregnant when we started dating) and sine that didnt happen she kept him from his little boy for 11 months now we are very much involved in his life my husband pays child support, and we supply everything he needs while hes with us (clothes diapers wipes soap sippy cups ect) at forst she said that I communicate with her better then my husband does so she was texting me and then she picked him up a day earlyier then our time was supposed to end for halloween even tho we were taking my kids trick or treating and I questioned why and now she only texts him, and honestly I like it that way I havnt liked this girl since middle school and still dont like her bht my husband gets so upset when I tell him that I would much rather wait for pick up/drop off whem hes home because I just dont want to deal with her and thats not me saying that im not just as involved with him when hes with us a,s his dad is bscause I am I just dont like his mom


You’re acting like a child.


Welcome to a blended family…


So let me get this straight she was five months pregnant when he left her for you…You are a horrid person to have even got between them deal with it this is your life now you chose it


You need to grow up. And co parent you knew what you were getting into before you married him he comes with baggage and sounds like you come with ALOT as well. Suck it up


Everyone that’s grown needs to learn something. If you choose to have babies you are signing up to 18 years of communication with the person you laid down with to create that child. If you marry that person is signing up for all that as well. You don’t get to pick what shit you’ll deal with and what you will step over. You get it ALL.

Suck it up and deal with it. It isn’t about your feelings, but what is best for the child.


So what she thought was correct. He did leave her for you!
Am I reading this right?


I give props to her. Usually it’s the bm that’s bitter and doesnt want to deal with the new chick. She accepts you and brings and trust you around her very young child.
You should grow up…


You got with him when she was 5 months pregnant and NOW you’re wondering what to do!? You should have thought about that when you found out she was pregnant. Who does that. Grow tf up…


Girl ur gonna have to get over it. All of u guys need to grow tf up.


Put your negative feelings about her behind you and focus on the child and your family. It’s good that your partner can be amicable enough for the sake of their son. You knew what you was dealing with from day 1, nothing new, so just crack on with it.


U only have 2 deal with her 4 short child exchanges just b nice. U don’t have 2 move her 2 tolerate a few minutes 2 exchange a child. Always better 2 b on good terms than deal with the upset of fussing n fighting.


Wait she was 5 months pregnant when u married him. ??? Ok and u thought what??? Omg !


Bless your ratchet ass childish heart.

So he can co-parent with. your 6 kids but you can’t manage to successfully co-parent with his 1? Grow up!!


First of all anyone in here that doesnt deal with split families and their SO’s baby mama or daddy… Have NO room to tell anyone to grow up and stop acting like a child. My husband’s ex has tried to break in our house, has tried to fight me, has beat up on my husband and has said she was going to hit my daughter (she was 3 at the time) alllll of this in front of our kids. And they were never married or together! Maybe this lady isnt spilling all her tea on this post. But baby mama drama is real y’all. And i hate dealing with her and we rarely do. I dont blame her for wanting to wait for her husband. We get my in laws to get my step son so I dont have to deal with her.


The things we do for our children…

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I dont understand everyone telling her to grow up.

It is his job and duty to his child to pick up/drop off and deal with his ex-wife, not hers.

A blended family means treating all children with respect and love, not become the go between to the parents.

God bless all that are able to have a great relationship with your spouses ex, bit reality is, it is usually not that way.

So many of you need to grow up.


Suck it up sounds like it was a minor issue. Try to get along and tolerate each other as much as you can. Its for the kids good