I don't want to go to my fiances mothers thankgiving: Am I wrong?

Ever since my fiancé and I got together it’s been nothing but the drama between his ex-wife and his mother hated me for no good reason, I treat his daughter like me own and even let them daddy-daughter time together. His mother said he was too good for me, and he needs to stop playing dad to my children, she’s called me clingy and has talked down on how I have three kids from different men which I believe has nothing to do with anything. His ex-wife doesn’t like me because god knows why but threats to call dcf on me if he daughter ever gets hurt when she’s at my house or if we’re at the park but yet she’ll ask if her daughter can come over when she wants to spend time with her friends. With all of that he’s still trying to make me go to his mothers for thanksgiving and Christmas and yes his ex will be there because it will make his daughter happy when I think we should just have or own thanksgiving and Christmas he can go to his moms to be with them @2 then come home to eat with us @6 and they don’t celebrate Christmas they do it the night before, I’m I wrong for not wanting to go?


If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it!!

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I sure as hell wouldn’t be going. No way

Do you for you and yours… nothing wrong with having your own thanksgiving.

When you marry someone you marry their whole family. Compromise and all that… Have your own but im sure his mother will have something to say about that too


Nothing wrong with doing your own thing but if it’s a tradition he’s used to doing, then it may create drama and your guys’s relationship. Choose one Thanksgiving or Christmas and compromise with him by choosing one to spend with his family and one to do on your guys own… When you go there just kill them with kindness.

What do you mean let them have daddy daughter time? Seems there might be something going on not to like for his family. Also thats that girls mom dont like it suck it up or move the hell on.


Nope! F***k that I wouldn’t go.


I have been in similar situations, and I always try to rise above. I would go for the kids. My grandpa always told me “don’t let mean people change your heart” go. Love you man, love your kiddos… And don’t let their negativity change your heart. If they are as bad as you say, youve already won, and that’s why they are mad 🤷 go. And be the bomb ass woman you are!!!

You need to think of your kids and yourself! Holidays are already stressful no need to add extra drama!

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No way in hell I’d be going!
Stay home and do something with special with your children


I’d go, but if you each have your own vehicle take your own so if anything is said to you to towards your kids you can leave :woman_shrugging:t3: nothing wrong with have an option that wouldn’t completely ruin their holiday tradition.


I wouldn’t go and I would’ve probably left the relationship because being threatened to have dfcs called would’ve been the last straw for me. Is this what you want your children growing up in? It just sounds really messy. I’m sorry :neutral_face:


I’d go and have a sit down with the guys mom. Thats about to be your mother in law, clear things out now and communicate. The ex your going to have to deal with for the rest of your life. Not trying to sound harsh, my family is blended and it was rough at first. If you ignore the problems only get worse, Trust Me. This is your family, you choose them as soon as you said I do.

U may not want to go but u should go for him and the kids. Show em ur not gonna be pushed around and ur here to stay. Hiding from it will just drive a bigger wedge between everybody. If yall could get along itd be better for all the kids involved…


:woman_shrugging:t3: I’m petty i’d go and just ignore them. If they dont like you thats their problem, pretty apparent your fiance likes you and wouldnt be your fiance if he didnt. Momma and babymomma just mad they cant make his choices for him. If they say anything i’d just shrug my shoulders and smile. Like Boo, you dont scare me and could give two shits less about what you have to say. They’re mad their attention is gone is what it is. But this is blantly my own opinion and blantly what I would do, i can kinda be a dick​:woman_shrugging:t3:


End it

It’s not worth it

That MIL never gonna change or accept u…and what’s worse hes never going to stand up for u

Ex shouldn’t be there
Yet she is
That wont xhamge

He wants the best of both worlds
Which ur not a priority
Hes a mamas boy


I would go and kill them with kindness. How does she know who the father of your kids are. None of her business… I would go to Thanksgiving or Christmas but not both. Be cheerful for the kids. You might just enjoy your self

I can’t get past you letting him have daddy-daughter time.


Nope you’re not wrong. Before I left my now ex husband I stopped going around any of his toxic family.