I don't want to take a risk of my ex driving drunk with our daughter: What should I do?

My ex is supposed to have our daughter this coming weekend. Fri-Sun. Well, Saturday is his friend’s birthday party at some restaurant/bar. My ex has been drinking and going to the local bar almost DAILY. He drives after drinking, and he will drink at this party and will drive to his house with her. The birthday boy is a huge drinker too. So…I’m going to tell him I need her for something on Sat. Do I be honest n tell him why or do I lie n make something up…? I did tell him no drinking and driving w my daughter, and he said ok. But he is a liar and has done it before. He probably won’t fight me to keep her on Sat…I hope.


If he will give up his time without you having to tell him why that seems ideal to avoid drama or him keeping her out of spite. But you need to file in court or do something long term to keep your child safe if he drinks and drives w her.

Do everything you need to do to protect her. If you dont, and something terrible does happen, you will feel guilty where you shouldn’t because it’s his actions. Keep your baby safe, regardless of if he gets mad about it or not.

Your number 1 priority is the safety of your child. I would not let her go under any circumstances. Get the law involved if you must!

U could always try and then go from there…but if he drinks and drives as much as you say…i wouod gather evidence and take it to court

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I prefer honesty over any thing … But… This one of tricky . I’d say lie . and I hate saying that. But if u tell him the truth. He will get mad . and he will demand that he has her that day. But a little white lie might go along way. BC it gives him a break also. He can go to this party drink all he wants with his own time and own freedom . if he has his daughter … He will need to work around her to be there. So a lil white lie could help u both. Telling him the truth … He would prob want to keep her out of spite … Good luck

He shouldn’t have to be told not to drive after drinking and definitely not with a child…tell him the truth and of he can’t handle it then he definitely needs to reevaluate a few things in his life

If you love your daughter and our protective of her safety do not let him take her, if something happens, it is your fault.

Dont let him … If he takes u to court… Let him. Ur worried about the well being of ur daughter. The judge will send him to aa


If he’s going to celebrate his friends bday Im sure he wont mind not having the child. He probably is hoping he doesnt have to ask you to keep your daughter

Protect your child! And if this drinking and driving is a habit you need a court order. If he honestly won’t drink and drive with her switch weekends

Maybe suggest keeping her for him during the party and bringing her back after if it’s not too late and he’s not black out drunk

Do you know if he’s taking her with him. Maybe he has a babysitter for her.

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Protect your child over everything. I know lying is wrong, but would say that lying for this cause is an exception.

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Hasn’t this already been posted? Keep your kid safe

I would not let her go protect her from him .and I would remind him about the drinking and driving doesn’t like it too bad.i would tape it when you tell him so if he takes you to court .but your daou comes frist …

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Follow him and call the police and they will pull him over. That’s what I did…


be up front with him and tell him you can’t have her without a court supervised visit. if he gets in a accident with her and kills or maimed her you would never forgive yourself

Make it sound like your doing him a favor…since you have plans to go out why don’t we switch weekends

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This shouldn’t even be a post. Protect your child by all means. Period point blank.