I don't want to use used baby items: Does that make me a bad person?

Could I ask a question? Am I a preppy/ horrible person for not wanting used baby items for my newborn??? I always get weird looks when I say I don’t want used stuff. It’s not that I think I’m better than that or anything like that, i come from a pretty poor family and I’m still on the lower end of middle class, it just weirds me out and makes me genuinely uncomfortable. I honestly don’t know how to explain it better. Just looking for some honest input.


Your baby, your choice! If you can afford all the new things and that’s what you want, than go for it. :upside_down_face::heart_eyes::heart:

Idk I love thrifting and if someone wants outta the kindness of there heart wants to give ur child something even used I’d take it. But to each there own

Youre not horrible. But alot of used newborn stuff is fairly new because newborns arent newborns for long! But if you can afford all new, go for it. Your baby!


It would save money since they grow so fast. Most times the used stuff is still in good shape since the other baby grew just as fast.

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Irs doesnt make you a bad person. But if it can be cleaned thoroughly, no harm in it, it saves a lot of money.

Not weird just comes off snobby but it’s your kid. It gets expensive having babies and the kids barely have time to really use things most baby stuff is like new. Hardly ever used anything new for any of my kids. It’s your choice though. Specially if you can afford everything new for them.


I was the same with my first… I still took it and just made sure people that actually needed it, got it.

I mean I get it I was kind of the same way with my first, but my 2nd I still get her used stuff all of the time! It’s such a money saver and unless you can afford brand new things for the next 18 years then I guess that’s up to you. But kids are fricking expensive and I have no problem with hand me downs and other random used things!

I was like that with my first. Less with my second. Didn’t care too much with my third … my fourth HA when I say everything she has is second-hand … I mean it.


It’s your baby so it’s up to you. Doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks.

If you can get the stuff new go for it. Theres nothing wrong with buying new just like there isn’t anything wrong getting used.

I think it’s none of anyone’s business. If you want to spend the money on the new stuff, then go for it.

I was that way with my first born. Not just new things, but delayed shot schedule, organic homemade food, cloth diapered the whole nine. But definitely flipped the script with my 2nd born lol. To each their own.

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New is always going to be way more expensive. You can find new stuff that people have bought that they have never used and sell reasonably. If you got the money go for it but honestly a lot of the stuff a newborn needs isn’t worth buying new.

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I was like that at first in the beginning of my pregnancy… now at the end i seriously dont care … everything is so expensive. Alot of things that i have are now used . Newborns dont stay newborns forever .


It obviously doesn’t make you bad a person. People might think you’re a bit high maintenance or something. If you can swing all the new things then go for it. There is also nothing wrong with used items either. Babies grow out so stuff so quickly its almost ridiculous to buy everything new.


You don’t come off as snobby, that’s just people assuming shit. If you legit feel funny about it that’s totally fine!

Totally your choice! My guess is you will get over that though :joy: baby stuff if so expensive!


If you can afford it, go for it lol. It’s just a personal preference. I love thrift shopping and think it’s great when people think of my family when they gift things though.

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