I drive 6 hours a weekend to take my son to his dads, he doesn't even pay child support: Advice?

I have a five year old from a previous relationship who’s father moved over an hour away with his parents… I’m taking my son back and forth every weekend, and he doesn’t. Even offer gas. He does NOT pay child support either. I feel like I’m being taken advantage of but also feel if I stopped, it would hurt my son. Really need advice on what to do because driving almost 6 hours a weekend is becoming very difficult seeing u have a newborn also. He does not have a vehicle, so meeting he is out the question.


Does his parents I mean it’s not fair for u drive all the way ND he don’t bother to help w gas


I mean if he’s not willing to help on his own, have you thought about support to cover travel costs?


court ordered child support would be the first step. he helped you make the child. 2nd have his parents meet you half way


Can’t his parents meet you in the middle


Take him to court what are you even doing?!


Its for your son!Hes the most important reason you do what you do!


His parents could give him some gas money to give you. I’d make him or them meet me half way


Is you son wanting to go? Is he asking for his dad? If you continue to take him do it because it’s what’s good for your son. Not because it makes it convenient for the father. If we do things for people who are ungrateful, it will in turn make us spiteful and bitter. Good luck


There’s no way I would continue doing that. Yes, your son should see his father, but it’s not your responsiblity to make it happen. If he wants to see his son, he will figure out a way.


Should be meeting half way for pick up and drop off. Get a court order.


Take him to court. Regardless of him having a car, half (if not all, since he’s the one who moved) of transportation logistics and cost is on him.
Is he court ordered for child support? If not, you need to file for support. If he is and isn’t paying, ask for garnishment. If he works under the table…I have no suggestions for that one, but do let me know if you come up with something :joy:


File for child support on both and tell them to meet half way


I wouldn’t do that. I would make dad figure something out. Either his parents can help or he can pay for gas. I would also seek child support


His parents can drive him. He needs to man up and help out. If he wants to see the child he’ll find a way. Tell him your car broke down and see what his reaction is.


I should add I live less than an hour from my child’s father and per our court order he’s to pick her up on Friday’s by 6 pm and I am to go pick her up on sundays by 6 pm. His weekends are the 1st 3rd and 5th weekends of the month.

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What does your court order say

Girl get a life why don’t you just lay down for him look stop being his puppet what foes he do to help you for the kids an does not even help with gas nope I under stand you are trying hard for your babies but he needs to help even a little money an better then none he does not value you has his mom or respect you or he would be swimming through a bed of snakes for his child you are a good mom you deserve more from him


Does your baby even have a father if he can’t even get off his ass, make effort & pick up his child? No way mama, your already juggling enough, you dont need to juggle him too cos he can’t shape up :woman_shrugging:t4: Your child will make their own decision about how they look at dad, it’s up to him now…

Take him to court, what are you wasting your time and resources for that could benefit your home with your child. Unless he’s disabled there’s no reason he shouldn’t be working, have a car and hell his own place and be paying support especially if he wants time with his child being hours away so often. And every weekend is excessive with you footing the bill cut that shit back to every other weekend until you can get his ass in gear. If he’s not in prison no excuse for not working to help.