I feel angry since starting back at work: Advice?

I don’t know who to go to, but the last few days since I started back at work, I’ve been feeling angry, and I feel like my one year old prefers my fiancé over me. I can’t get him to calm down at night, or when he’s upset, he doesn’t want his mommy he wants his dad. It makes me feel like I’m not a good mom. And it makes me angry and upset. I love my little boy and my fiancé more than anything. I just wonder this a normal feeling or is this something I should talk to a doctor about.


Hate to tell you this. But im a stay at home mom. I do it all. My kid still favors her dad more.

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Kids go through phases like this. My kid is a momma’s boy to the extreme, but some days he just wants his papa and I’m old news. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I’m a SAHM and my 1 yr old lil guy prefers his dad more than me.

Kids go back and forth all the time. My daughter won’t let anyone even look at her if she’s all about me. And same goes when she’s all about her daddy. I can’t even look at her lol. Idk why you’d take him to the Dr because he prefers his dad right now lol

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My kids prefer their dad, I just get the shit jobs and sometimes it makes me feel awful, other times it makes me think brilliant not my problem to deal with :joy:

I was a working home for 3 months. Awful time with returning endometrosis symptoms, fortnightly periods and drops in feeds. My little one was 9 months when started nursery (ex 33 weeker born on my birthday). In the end I quit after trying to work in pain for nearly 5 years. My little one prefers dad to me but is also the fully able parent. No one prepared me for the difficulties returning to work and know it’s common. In addition to pain and child illness as well. Now 3.5 I have started being my own boss again but this time applying more hours to it.

My son has always been a daddy’s boy it’s weird but I couldn’t go to sleep because my son wouldn’t stop moving unti my husband came from work and sang to my belly his 2 now and still prefer his daddy over me it’s funny because once he was born he would wake up about a hour before dad came home from work my husband would give him a bottle sing and he would fall back to sleep every time

Also my husband does and always has done bedtime due to my fatigue and recharging.

Give him some time. Give yourself some time you are all going through an adjustment period. If after a couple weeks you are still feeling this way it might not be a bad idea to talk to your doc about it. Kids go though different phases also my kids are 18, 14, 12 and 8 and they all still go through it one minute they want their mama and the next they don’t. Don’t take it personal.

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Some kids prefer dad…and some prefer mom. He still loves you and I promise there will be a day where he reaches for you instead of him…for now it is what it is and it is normal.

All of emotions come to play when you have a little one and start back at work…if it’s the job that is making you feel “angry” your child can sense it. And another direction your child may feel some sorta way with you gone. If they are use to you being home. When you get home from work…leave it at the door and when you step in your home, spend a little one on one playing with them, giving them your attention for just 30 min and letting you know you miss them. They have feeling too and at a younger age can’t tell you how they really feel. I had the same issue when mine was younger and we got closer…and then again might just be like my other child and just favor him more…just cause. Patience mama your not alone

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We do have wonderful moments together before bed and in the mornings which I cherish.

Don’t let your kids emotions dictate yours

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Your child is likely to seek comfort with the person who spends the most time with him. If your husband is home, that will be him. My girls do the same thing to my husband now that I don’t work, and he works long hours. They still love him, but as far as consoling and bedtime and all that, the little one especially, wants me.

It’s just a phase. Don’t let it ruin you.

I’m a sahm of 3yr old twins. They ask for daddy all damn day. It’s not you dear. It’s just a kid thing. Dont be so hard on yourself

My youngest is like this and I’m not working atm lol don’t worry lol xx

You’re jealous. Kids go through phases like this often. No need to bother Dr with this. It will change soon :v:

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Next week he will want you instead!