I feel bad that my daughter fell and hit her head: Advice?

Hi! I keep beating myself up after my daughter fell and hit her forehead, and it left a line of the bruise. I’m afraid the line will never go away. Has anyone experienced this? Will it go away?


Oh mama, this will happen so many times! Don’t beat yourself up over it. It was an accident.

My daughter ( 14 months) literally ran into the corner of the cabinet yesterday and has a line down her nose and upper lip. Nothing a frozen yogurt and some snuggles couldn’t fix. She’ll be ok mama and the line will go away :slightly_smiling_face:

It will go away. Dont feel bad. Kids get hurt alll the time. I know its hard not to feel bad. However, a couple weeks ago my daughter smacked my phone and it dropped on her head and she got a bump from it. She is only 5 months old. She was screaming. Point is, things happen. Don’t feel bad momma. Its going to be okay.


My daughter (13months) fell and hit her eye on the bottom step of our stairs she had a huge black eye (my poor baby) I felt so bad but it healed and went away and she’s perfectly fine now

It’s a bruise it will go away! Put a ice pack on it

My girl has just started to walk and in the learning process she was bumping her head everyday, little bumps and bruises are totally normal! The line will go away, and if she’s up and acting fine there is nothing to worry about!

Foreheads are always the worst. 3 clumsy boys and many giant goose eggs later … it will 100% be ok and go away in time

Children fall, they get bumps&bruises… it’s a part of them learning while they become mobile. As long as shes acting normal and all, everything will be okay. Don’t beat yourself up too much!

She will fall a million more times.


My girls are ALWAYS falling 🤦🏼‍♀ my 8 month old is learning to walk and likes to smack her head on the couch corners and my 3 year old just likes to throw herself around i guess :joy::joy: a good hug, a little ice pack, and lots of kisses do wonders :sparkling_heart:

First time parent? Lol


It’s just a bruise it will go away don’t feel bad accidents happen :slight_smile:

My 9 year old granddaughter went to bend over to pick her bookbag up crack her head off the corner kitchen table…i felt so bad i gave her ice pack for her head and just hug her

there tough my oldest fell off bed twice hes fine. take a lot to kill a kid or anyione without really trying hard. baning head no biggy

I have a small scar on my forehead when I fell and cut my head when I was much younger. The scar is still there. However, it isn’t as noticable now. I’m 51. It’ll eventually fade away.

This just happened tonight one is an old bruise from hitting it off a wall and the middle of her 4head is from tonight smacking it off the wooden stairs it will fade with time


I feel like kids punch you in the eye harder than they fall. Just my opinion


Bumps bruises and unfortunately breaks are all part of child hood. And fortunately god made kids resilient. Don’t worry to much momma I know it hurts your feelings but that is the beginning of kissing lots of boo-boos. She’ll be just fine.

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If it makes you feel better when my girl was under a year she loved to head butt the wall. She thought it was so fun. She’s now three and knows all her shapes and colors counts to five and speaks in complete sentences.