I feel betrayed by my husband: Advice?

I have been with my husband for nearly 13 years, married 5. We have a four-year-old together. He has recently got into contact via social media, an old flame, and a school mate. I find out he’s never mentioned us, and they have known him a long time. He told the old flame what a wonderful woman she is etc., and how he regrets letting her slip through his fingers, he will always have a place in his heart. She responded by saying she literally liked him in those days too. Anyway, he has a history of lying to me, was a flirt, and cheated on me once. I told him I was gutted he hadn’t mentioned me as his wife, and we talked civilly about it. I even said I haven’t got a problem with talking to any mates as long as it doesn’t go any further. The next day he is on WhatsApp and shuts the message down quickly. I can’t take this anymore; he destroyed one marriage and little boy because of messages, now he’s doing the same to me. What do I do? I can’t go back to my family because of covid. Am I been petty? I can’t deal with feeling suspicious anymore.


Not petty at all ! And clearly he’s a snake ! Pack up and make way girl . You are worth a hell of alot more then this bullshit ! :heart:

Literally leave his ass.

If you don’t trust him, I’d say its over


You’re NOT being petty. He opened a door and has disrespected you AND his daughter.


You need to realize once a cheater literally always a cheater. Once the trust is gone it’s over.


No get rid of him hunny. Once a cheat always a cheat ive found xx


Boot him to the curb, girl. That’s cheating. I’m sorry.


Nope, that is cheating.

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Cheater always a cheater!


Run. He sounds like a narcissist


You have answered your own question. He is not admitting to an old flame that he has a wife and child…he cheated on you…and his last marriage/relationship ended for the same reason. Why would you want to stay? Make a plan…if you don’t have a job…get one…save the money to move out. And if Covid is the only reason you say you can’t go back to your family…there are precautions that can be taken. Or stay and keep breaking your own heart.


Cheaters don’t stop. They just get better at manipulating hopeful, forgiving women.


HES CHEATING boot his ass out

In my experience once a cheater always a cheater. My ex husband cheated on me multiple times and I wanted to believe that the last time would be the last time and then something else would happen after that. He never changed, he just did a better job at lying and hiding it. We have 2 kids together, it took me 4 years to work up the courage to leave him. Once the trust is gone it’s nearly impossible to get back.


Cheaters don’t change.

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He’s made his decision clear. Time to let him go.


Oh hell no. Leave him. He’s obviously cheating and doesn’t give a f. SMH.


Looks like hes already starting to get into that cycle of cheating again, once they start going out of their own way and creating conversations with old flames saying “I shouldn’t have let you go” seriously already should tell you to leave. Why even bother going to an old flame in the first place and not mention his own wife and child ? Its SHADY honey and you don’t deserve to stay with that POS regardless if he is father of your child, you said he ruined one marriage? Looks like he didn’t learn and is trying to ruin the next. Save yourself a big heartbreak and leave before he goes out and hurts you even more than little text messages

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Throw the whole man away. He made his choice loud and clear. You don’t deserve that BS!