I feel betrayed by my husband: Advice?

If he cheated WITH you and ON you before no doubt he’s cheating now and will continue to do so…


That’s just the start! Leave because he won’t change…been there

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All I’m gonna say is go with your gut instinct , I did and I was right and I fled
Best thing I did!!! But that’s me know one can tell you otherwise has to be your decision , good luck Hun x

I don’t usually comment on these things, but this post hit home.

I stayed in a relationship for 4+ years. He cheated on me several times but not physically only mentally. He would use social media to reach out to women to talk to them and flirt with them and then delete the messages so I wouldn’t find out. He would apologize and say he would never do it again but several months later he would be back at doing the same thing. I was stuck between a hard place because I didn’t know if I wanted to give up on someone who I thought I had a future with. He also had a daughter whom I loved with all of my heart which made it that much more harder to leave. He would tell me that I was the only one he wanted to be with and that he wanted a future with me. hearing him say that always made me want to stay. But I never could understand if that was the case then why he was doing the things he was doing.

Please don’t waste your time trying to get a man to love you. Unfortunately if he’s done it before and he showing patterns of it again, it’s most likely something that Will happen again. You will lose yourself along the road because your heart will try to fix it but his won’t. It won’t matter how much effort you put into the relationship, the damage will always be there.

It’s really sad when I hear stories like this. Stories of couples that are together for years, even decades and then all of a sudden break up because somebody else comes in the picture.

A man who truly loves you and wants to be with you, Will cross mountains and oceans for you. A man who truly loves you, won’t be tempted by anybody else.

I learned this all the hard way. Please don’t waste the next several years of your life begging a man to love you.

Best of luck to you :heart:


Cheater , & he will NEVER change !!

Tell him your sorry and you’ll get another job to bring in more bread and keep your mind occupied.

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Leave him. You said yourself, he’s already done this to someone else. Clearly he isn’t interested in growing up or changing. You and your child deserve better.

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I would be so pissed!! Leave his ass behind and move on! If he cheated once already, he most likely will do it again. Sounds like he was planning on it tbh

He’ll no. Dump his stupid ass.

Answered your own question, stop asking idiotic question to try and find an excuse. Leave him if you need to and can’t forgive him, find your self worth. Covid, is one of your exuses. If you’re going to just ask and stay then don’t even bother asking.


Move on, chickadee. Don’t waste years of your life on cheater. BTDT

Sorry but how does COVID keep you from going back to your family if you want to leave him?


I’d be okay with him talking to her, but failing to mention you is a problem.

Don’t do anything hasty if you can’t go back to your family because of covid you need to stack the deck in your favor. Let your feelings be known that you are unhappy with the way he is approaching the situation and it makes you question your relationship. and that you’re not sure if that’s the type of relationship you want to be in. And then start making a plan to secure your future if you happen to leave. if that means opening your own bank account and transferring money little by little then that’s what you need to do. maybe open a credit card and just your name see what type of apartments are in your area and what you can afford.
Jumping out the window and leaving is not the best plan. Think logically and secure a stable future for you and your child.


Do whatyour heart tells you.

Once cheater always cheater kick his ass to curb.

That is adultery and if it were me, I would be gone.

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You should leave him, yes it will hurt, yes you will cry and miss him, but eventually you will move on and forget him. If you choose to stay, you will stay hurt and always feeling your not enough for him, for another 13 years…


This sound to close to home… I just went through this and we r now divorced…

He needs to go. One time is enough but a track record is gross.