I feel betrayed by my husband: Advice?

Its hard but don’t let parent guilt or anxiety about yourself or him into it. HE IS CHEATING ON YOU!!! Get an attitude about it. Be angry. Ring her. And tell him BYEEEEEE!!!


Take a day or 3 to sort out some money, a temporary place to stay for a few nights, then have it out with him. And if anyone asks, just be honest about what’s happening, let the truth be told, it’ll be ok sharing the truth there’s no shame on you at all

You have a home now, why is he staying?
He CAN leave. Go to his flame.
Your home is where your child lives.

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You have to follow your heart and do what’s best for you and your child , COVID really shouldn’t stop you from going to your family unless you’ve been exposed or have virus

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My husband did the same thing after 21 years of marriage, it progressed to a full blown affair. Run and don’t look back. It’s hell

Girl run I took my husband back after doing this with his ex wife we been together 18 years he stayed a week in a motel with her I still kick myself in the ass for taking him back

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Girl RUN cuz he’s gonna keep doing this shit to you until we see you on the news cuz you killed the mofo lol jk but for reals though run away cuz it’s never gonna stop.


Dump the loser. He’s acting like a little boy. He will not grow up and be a real man. One thing to always remember. His actions have nothing to do with you as a person. He hates himself and looks for attention because of HIS toxic traits.

Sounds like he is hiding something. If he has done it before I would said divorce him. He is cheating emotionally at least right now and he’s getting ready to do it again if he hasn’t yet. You need to be happy and some guys don’t change. Once a lying cheat then always one


great advice :heart: make a plan, tuck away some cash to cover you and your son. I left a VERY SIMILAR situation but I struggled so badly because I didn’t plan. I ended up going back and things worsened BUT I made a plan and stuck it out. When I had enough saved, I left with the kids. Found a support group and it’s been hard in some ways but liberating in so many other ways. And it was the best thing I could ever have done for the kids. Hang tough, you deserve better.


He’s not a man. Make your plan and then execute it. Very sad for your 4 yr old and the other child but set the example of how you want your daughter/son to be treated and how you would want them to handle a cheater.


Once a cheater always a cheater. Cut your losses and begin a moral life so your son will learn how to be a good man. Tough decision but the only right one.:heart::pray:


I chat with old boy friends all the time
Talk about the past
Doesn’t mean I’m going to hook up with them
Makes me feel young
There is a line you don’t cross


Even if he is hiding something you have peace in that place and that is the most important. It isn’t said you are worried about your family or about you get sick so take a Covid test and leave that place. Again: your inner peace is the most important.

You and your child deserve better, as hard as it is. Hes lost any respect and any other chance to redeem him self. Lies upon lies, likes that saying tiger cant change his stripes neither can he…


I would ask him to leave :woman_shrugging:t2: why should you leave your home because he can’t be faithful. Get some proof, file for divorce, and ask HIM to leave. You should NOT uproot your child because your husband is unfaithful. He made his choices, he can walk.


Have you suggested marriage counseling to him? If he won’t consider it then I say tell him to go! He can change if he wants to keep your family together and going to a counselor will make him accountable. This suggestion is only if you want this. Praying that everything works out for you.:blush:


Once a cheater always a cheater… If u allowed him to get away with it before then why wouldn’t he do it again? I’m sorry but covid or no covid u need to leave…


Sweetheart you deserve a man that gives you all he has to give. Especially if you’re giving all you have to give. I’ve spoken to old high school sweethearts and we always talked about our families. It is not innocent if he’s hiding you and your child. It will hurt now but I promise you, a man that gives you his everything will make you far happier


Been through that minus the kid and marriage part but if your gut tells you something is off something is definitely off. He might not cheat on you with this one but once the “right” one comes along he will. And I don’t think you should stay with a man who would cheat given the right situation. It’s hard to pull the trigger but if you stay you’ll never fully have trust in the relationship. Most importantly your mental, emotional and physical health will always be compromised by this relationship