I feel guilty sending my daughter to daycare: Thoughts?

My daughter will be 19 months, and we’re struggling to find childcare for her as I go back to work as a teacher. What I mean by struggling is my mom is still working- stepdad doesn’t want to keep her more than two days in a row, and my in-laws are older and don’t watch her that well- dad is a nurse who works nights/sleeps during the day. We’re out of options. So we’re turning to daycare- she’ll start next week at three days and then the next week goes every day onward. I feel guilty and sad. She’s going to daycare. I’m scared for her. There’s no reason to be; she’s not scared or sad- she doesn’t even know yet. I even know another mom who takes both her baby and toddler there- I should be at ease, but I’m not. Please share advice to make the transition easier for both of us.


Itll honestly be harder for you than her. I know theres horror stories about daycares, but most daycare providers love their kids. We put my daughter in daycare when she was younger-not for needing care- but to build social skills and be around other kids.


Yes. It’s tough. I cried. I felt like none can care for her better than myself. Also, so many kids they have to look after, she wouldn’t get enough one on one attention. She did okay though. They took great care of her, she is a happy and healthy 8 year old.

I’d recommend paying extra for a good educational based childcare, if you can cough up the extra. Get yourself a nanny. Unfortunately at the time, I couldn’t afford it. Or I would have.

You’ll get through it.

Thankfully shes 18 months and not 6 weeks old, that is even harder, emotionally.

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Daycares can be amazing places. It’s difficult, but think of the positive. She gets to learn how to properly socialize and she gets to meet new people and try new things.

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She will love daycare! They do so much with the kids. I use to work at a few daycares and kids always enjoyed coming. I understand your worries. She will be ok


I’m a preschool/daycare teacher. We have had a lot of extra cleaning added for the current situation. If thats the worry I promise everyone in my network is taking this very seriously concerning kids health.

If its daycare in general, don’t let the bad stories scare you off. I love each of my kids in my class like they’re my own while they’re in my class. She will probably cry but know she will most likely cry about 10 minutes before her teachers get her occupied with something else. Do your due diligence when selecting a center.

Remember how you handle it is how she will handle it. When you drop off quick hug and kiss and tell her how great her day is going to be and you can’t wait to hear about it. No “im going to miss you”, “dont miss me too much” etc. Stay very positive. The quicker and more positive the easier for her it’ll be. She will have so much fun.


Call your daycare ask them their safety protocols and ask any concerns you have. It made me feel so much better. To know he was safe. i had to take my 2 year old back and I felt so Guilty. Now he’s asks to go and gets so excited when we get there.

I’m homeschooling because of Covid. My child is not at risk. Not worth it.

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My daughter LOVES daycare. The decision was definitely harder for me than it was for her.
Check the place out, ask questions, and If possible, randomly stop in occasionally just to make sure everything is safe.
Then, speak of it positively to her…if she believes you think it’s great, she will too

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I promise she will love it. Might take a couple days to adjust, but she will end up liking it.

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Daycare is awesome! My baby is 18 months and has been going since about 4 months. She absolutely loves it. You being a teacher should know children need social interaction with their peers. I think it’s us parents who feel guilty. Just make sure to do a walk through and do monthly inspections. My daycare has camera so we can see what our kids are doing at all times.


My youngest has been in daycare since 8 weeks old. I was scared but he’s two now best decision I made for him he’s around kids his age all day he knows his ABC and counts to 20 he shares its good practice for school. His sister’s r so much older than him that at home he has no one to play with and I can’t quit my nursing job to stay home. Dad runs a grocery store so daycare is our only option but it was a good choice


Day cares can be brilliant and the develop their skills and confidence. It will be hard for you to leave her at the start but the more you get used to it the easier it becomes. Hope everything goes well x

It be good for her. Think bout the benefits of her going to daycare she gets to socialise and be with people her age group , she will be fine and will settle in well. Think bout what is best for her in the long run :slight_smile: I know it hard separating from your kid after been with them 24/7 but it good for them and yourself

Leave your teaching job. Find another that allows you to work from home.

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I felt the same way you did at first. Especially going BACK after quarantine when she became so used to being home with me all day. I try and look at all the positives! She gets to spend the day with friends, and doing fun things like finger painting and playing on the playground! She’s becoming very social which is so good for her in the future to make friends. And this seems silly but it’s building her immune system!

It will be hard. I promise it will get easier. My 15 months old has been going since she was 8 weeks (with a almost three month break in between due to COVID) and when we pull up every morning she gets SO excited and walks in on her own and waving good bye on the way!

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I honestly dont know what to say bc I didn’t shed one tear when I brought my oldest one to daycare for the first time I was happy

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She will enjoy being w the other children!!

We do a little in-home and it’s wonderful! Don’t feel guilty! My daughter loves going.