I feel horrible I cannot afford Christmas again: Advice?

I feel like a horrible mom. This is the second year I haven’t been able to do Christmas. Last Christmas, my child’s father, stole my wallet and spent every dime I had. I ended up losing my apartment and everything, and it was my son’s first Christmas with me, and his father separated. This year it just seems like everything is falling apart. I had a baby got a new job, but then my car decided to break down. I’ve paid $2000 on parts for my car, and I’m still waiting to get my car back. (I work an hour away) It doesn’t look like my kids will be having Christmas yet again. I know Christmas is not all about presents, but it hurts knowing that my son will see that everyone else got presents from Santa but him. I’m just a horrible mom. My son came to me the other night crying because he didn’t want Santa to forget him this year. It broke my heart. I tried so hard to save this year for Christmas to let my son down again. I just don’t know what to do. I haven’t been able to sleep. My son’s father doesn’t pay his child support, and he decided to go to rehab recently. I’ve asked his wife if she could talk to him and maybe find a way to get our son a few gifts, and she just ignored me. I seriously feel like I’ve ruined my son’s experience with Christmas. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Please keep it to kind and helpful words. I already feel horrible as it is and don’t need other moms telling me how much of a horrible parent I am. just think about how you’d want someone to be towards you in you were walking in my shoes.


I’m not sure where you live, but in my county, I have been seeing a lot of posts about toys for tots being extended. Maybe try to contact your dad and ask them if you can still apply.

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Dollar tree has alot of stuff


Maybe go to churches & ask


Do you have a 5below around you ? You can get a couple gifts from there doesn’t have to be anything extravagant… just a few toys under a the tree. They have some decent toys!


Toys for tots or churches are probably your best options.


Clearly you aren’t heartbroken after last year otherwise you would have done EVERYTHING in your power to ensure that it didn’t happen this year too :rage:


Is there no charity around you that helps with this? No church or community service centre or something?

When I was a single mom and couldn’t afford Christmas, I was able to access a service that provided me with a hamper of food and also I was given some gifts to give my children.

Alternatively, is there a dollar store or something where you could pick up something really small?


For future I always start buying gifts in like August. One or two here and there adds up by December and doesn’t put such a financial strain. For this year i agree with other posts, try toys for tots or even second hand stores depending on your childs age.


Reach out to your community and churches. When my husband passed away we had a secret Santa show up at our house. They were 6 and 8 at the time. Prayers for you and your family and remember memories don’t cost a dime!!!


Go to a community center or a church and talk to them. Many churches are affiliated with st Vincent de Paul and they give to families


Local churches toys for tots salvation army places like that will help


The ymca helps a lot of families in need

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You could always buy stuff from dollar stores he won’t notice the difference being so young but atleast he’ll have memories to keep as he gets older in photos :heartpulse: don’t feel bad you have what you need at this very moment a roof over your head and warm meals. Your child(ren) will understand in the long run :hugs:


Be honest and reach out to friends and family and you may be surprised who is willing to help you with a few things for your kiddos. Don’t be scared to reach out to those that love you and your kids.


Churches, County agencies, Toys for tots and Dollar store for filler!!

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If last year was your son’s first Christmas, he seems like he would be too young this year still to truly understand? And the baby doesn’t know any different yet. Get a few small things from Dollar Tree and make it a big deal. Christmas doesn’t have to be huge elaborate gifts. Share with them your love and show them the excitement & they too will have it.


Go to the dollar store and get things you already need like oven mitts a can of chilli or just anything and wrap them up your kid will be thrilled when he can open presents and cook or clean with you. I have had to do this for several Christmases when I was recovering from severe medical problems and no one was paying any child support and I couldn’t work

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Karon Sutton it seems like all you do is get on here and put people down and make them feel worse than they already do you must be a pretty miserable motherfuker to only want to hurt people and say rude things to them you’re obviously not a mom or you wouldn’t be saying such horrible things to people


Maybe consider traditions not encompassed around gifts???
Our family will be decorating a tree outside with lots of ornaments designed to feed our year round birds and critters.