I feel like a terrible aunt because I don't want to babysit: Advice?

I feel like I’m a terrible aunt because I don’t do well with the baby years. My brothers have children under the age of one, and I feel terrible because I don’t wanna babysit for them. I’m not a big baby person. I have older nieces and nephews I do perfectly fine with and will watch at any time. I have a son of my own and decided after him I didn’t want anymore for a reason I don’t wanna deal with a baby again. I guess I wouldn’t feel so bad, but as far as family goes, it’s just my siblings and me for each other. I feel obligated to watch the babies when they ask for the simple reason that I know there aren’t many other people they have to help out. I don’t mind so much if it’s just an hour or two, but most times, it’s at least 8 hours or so. Has anyone ever felt like this? My brothers know the reason I decided to have no more kids myself. I hate telling them no, but I feel like I might start needing to.


Do you get paid for your services babysitting start charging the Rate per hour

Nothing wrong with that I feel the same way, babies are demanding on your time and when they are somebody else’s you worry something’s going to happen it’s very stressful watching small babies every second and can be draining on you physically and mentally, people who have children don’t understand. I’m good with kids once they are walking and talking little babies crying make me feel quite upset. Plus if you have your own children you have enough on your hands

Just cause your an aunt doesn’t mean your obligated to babysit


Yes! Going thru it now with live in Grandchildren!

You dont have to justify your choices family or not. I understand where your coming from. Don’t feel bad for not wanting to do something. It not your child at the end of the day, the parents will get over you saying no. Personally id rather you told me you didn’t want to look after my baby then force yourself to look after a baby. I respect you opinion and choices and if your family love you they will to. At the end of the day the baby isn’t yours so you shouldn’t feel guilty for anything. Nothing wrong with your feelings.

Just get it all out and tell them when the kid is a certain age you will be glad to so they stop bugging you lol


I love babies, I have 5. I still dislike watching other people’s babies and unless it’s an emergency situation, I refuse to watch them.

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Honey, You are a normal human being. My nephew has the same age as my son and I don’t babysit him unless is an emergency. I can handle my son, no other kids.

I have new grands and had a stroke last yr.I cant pick up or walk w them.so I say better be safe…i did all the others and im sure Mom felt the pince.

If you don’t want to don’t. If kids aren’t your calling then they aren’t. Do what you are good at

The world seems to think that we as women should love babies and kids and want our own and be around everyone elses…WRONG!!! You should not feel obligated to watch your infant nieces or nephews just because they are family!!! I raised two handsome boys and now that they are grown I dont like being around little kids anymore!!! Babies and infants are cute as long as they stay away from me!!! Explain to them how you feel and hopefully being your siblings they should be understanding!!!


A you are not terrible.

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don’t feel bad. being an auntie is not about babysitting.
do as much as you can in other areas that you feel good in

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I feel the same way. An hour or two are okay. Do you have a friend you can invite over to help you?

That is well within your right but remember at any point in time your brother can say no if you need a babysitter

Be honest! Tell them that you don’t mind occasionally for two hours but that you don’t feel comfortable watching them for long periods of time (unless it’s a true emergency). If you continue to watch them without wanting to you will grow to resent babysitting at all.


I tell people that if it’s a baby baby then no but if they are older then ye

I used to babysit my nieces and nephews at one point it was a summer job to me and they were good kids for the most part bt I was comfortable with telling them no when it was needed or sit them aside on time outs I love them I most times enjoyed it bt that was long ago nowadays u cant tell kids NO with out feeling like the parents will be mad at you or something, I other words parents are too sensitive with their kids not like before, I don’t have kids of my own and I dont think I would have the patience to do that today, so I would tell my sibling I can watch your child for cuple hrs here and there bt just tell them that 8 hrs is a bit much for you and u find it tiring

I have 2 grandchildren. They are now almost grown. But I never babysat. Not once. My son and I have always had a difficult relationship. My second son will never have kids. And my almost 29 year old daughter isn’t married; and doesn’t know if she wants kids. But if she did I would love to occasionally sit with her children. But I’m NOT a big small-children person. Don’t feel bad. Just inform them ahead of time; that unless it’s an emergency, you really don’t want to do it.