I feel like I am failing as a mother: Advice?

I feel like I’m failing. I have a 10-day old baby. He cries when he wakes up (really gassy) and during diaper changes. The dr just put him on acid reflux meds (hoping they help). Is he up all night crying and thinking maybe from lying flat on his back? I’ve tried everything. But I end up falling asleep holding him, and I don’t want to do that. I’m not getting much sleep at all—roughly 2 hours a night since he’s been born. I was breastfeeding, but my boobs both got infected from clogged milk ducts, and I was pumping, but I couldn’t keep up, and when he’s up most of the night, I don’t have time to pump. His dad works, So nights are all on me. Even though days are on me too, and I work from home and homeschool my daughter as well. It’s hard. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


You are doing a great job… you love them and that’s all that matters :heart:

Maybe he has colic or his food isnt setting well with his tummy. There are ways to hold them that helps. Look up online. But sounds like food issues.??

How long has he been on the meds?
You’re doing awesome! Its only been a short while, you and your baby will find a groove :heart: stay strong

My 2nd born cried until 1 year and 8 months. None of the others did that

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My 2nd baby had crying issues due to being gassy. He slept 75% of the time in his baby car seat tucked in with a blanket on top of him. Since he was in a reclining position and extra warm he slept better than the first month or so

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5S’s. Side, swaddle. Ssh, swing and suck. Look it up on YouTube. Saved my sanity with my colic baby.

Give the meds time to work. Don’t feel bad if you can’t breast feed. Baby feels your stress so just do what you need to take care of him and not over stress your self

Maybe colic. My son was like that too and chamomile tea was a life saver.

You’ve got this mama! My oldest was a colic baby. We had our fair share of rough nights. Honestly it took his pediatrician changing his formula to get him to sleep. But I feel you! I was a single mom and the only way we got any sleep was for me to sleep in the recliner with him on my chest. Babies can be a challenge but they can sense your tension too. So when you’re frustrated and tense, baby also gets frustrated and tense. Hold on mama, this too shall pass :heart:

When the babies dad gets home hand him off for a few hours so you can get some rest. Shower, sleep, eat. Have family over to help you if you need. Stay positive, you have a beautiful blessing.

It’s too bad his dad can’t get some family leave. I hope things get better for you. Are you still sick?

Is there any family that could come help? My biggest issue with my 2nd child was not reaching out. I became depressed and it was rough.

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Could be a dairy allergy. Get some probiotic drops and put them in the night time bottle

Get a wedge sold at Walmart baby section and I am sure other baby stores. I have acid reflux and I use a wedge it works great .

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Gripe water helped us tremendously.


Try gripe water. It’s a miracle water.


From the issues you are describing it sounds like he could have oral ties. Research and see. But all symptoms for you with breastfeeding and what you’re describing with him are tie symptoms.

We give our boy gas drops before EVERY bottle and we ordered him a warmie off of Amazon that we put on his tummy when he seems extra gassy and those seem to help tremendously

Keep trying different formulas. With one of mine, some random Kroger brand worked the best. (As the Dr for samples, they usually have them so you don’t have to spend a ton).

Belly rubs, and leg crunches to hopefully move the gas along, and most importantly, give yourself a break! You’re not failing, youre doing great.