I feel like I am losing my relationship with my friend and am worried about her: Advice?

Give her info on a women’s center. This one helped me a lot: https://thewomenscenter.org/

Safe word & find a friend who could provide a safe house for her and the kids—someplace out of the area where BF wouldn’t think to look or be likely to run into her—and let her know where the house key is hidden should she need it. Your place is too obvious, but you could hide them until someone can pick them up. Presumably he can identify your car.

If the kids are in day care, can you call/approach her at work? Encourage her to talk to a counselor if she has an EAP, even if it’s only three phone calls. Can you take food to her at work so she can save what she would eat for the kids? The gift card is a great idea; she could pick up a few extras at the grocery store a little at a time so he wouldn’t notice unless he scans the receipts. Maybe just give her a bit of cash every week. Does she have her own car she could use to get away while he’s at work or does he work from home?

Have you talked to other friends and people in her family to get a better idea of what’s going on? Can you just drop in saying you were in the neighborhood and wanted to say hi, maybe with a bottle of wine? If he won’t let you in the house, that’s a red flag.

I’m so sorry. It’s heartbreaking and frustrating to see a friend be abused. Build up her courage and self esteem as much as you can, let her know you (and as many others from friends and family) will be there for her if she’s ever ready to leave.

I hope she’s just busy and stressed because of kids and funds and he’s too proud to accept charity, but I doubt it.

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Ive been her… and shes not going to leave untill shes ready. And sadly enough if you try to save her, you will become the bad guy…
Just make sure your always there when she needs you… and one day she will need you


I’ve been her :point_up: I’m here when your need me​:heart:


And MY, there when I need her lol

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Leave him let her know you are there for her

Sad how a lot of people are jumping to abuse. Maybe he is just to proud and would be upset if he thought she was asking for handouts. I know a lot of men are like that. And it could just be they’re in a honeymoon stage since they just moved in together. Unless you see signs of abuse don’t assume it. Because just that right there doesn’t say abuse

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Dont give up on her. Try to get her alone to ask her what’s going on.

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Reach out to her when you can :frowning:

U need to step away and when she wants to pawn her kids on u and use u tell her u are voluntering and cant… wake up.she moved on u did not. Sorry.
Ur beautiful kind heart is not appriciated…

She has a new baby. Maybe she needs time to settle in to a new family dynamic. Instead of taking a bag of groceries, make a dinner for her to pop into the oven. New moms need an extra hand once in awhile. I am sure she is tired from those newborn nights with less sleep.


Have u tried talking to her about it and telling her your concerns? That would be the first step…

I was her… she won’t leave until she’s ready and when she does be there for her always be there even if things gets bad don’t hold it against her!! She’s in a bad spot been there before!

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I think it might be time to take a step back. I had to do that with a dear friend Of mine cause her relationship was tearing me up knowing it was toxic at the time. We are no longer friends but it was obviously meant to be

Sometimes when some woman get a man in their life they let their female friends go to the wayside

Can you go over there and spend time at her house? Offer to spend time with her kids while she does dishes? Then she’ll have time to sit with you afterwards and talk.

It’s really hard to be a friend and a new mom at the same time… friendships ebb and flow… I guarantee she’s exhausted.

He wouldn’t let her let you bring food over? I’d say there’s deff something up ;(

Try asking her to come hangout with her and her kids. That way you can hangout but you aren’t taking her out of her element or away from her kids. Babies can be hard and often make people think you are pushing them away. When in reality she is probably still trying to get on a new schedule having a new baby :heart:

You cannot do anything other than letting her know you are there for her if she needs help.