I feel like I am never good enough for my daughter: Thoughts?

I feel I keep failing as a mom. I try to be there help more than I should make myself absolve to my daughter, and somehow it’s just not enough. She has been spoiled her life, and when the answer is no I’m sorry, I can’t. She stops talking to me, relying on my niece her cousin saying she is always there for her this hurts when I am here and if I don’t give my last penny do things her way I’m the bad guy she is having a baby I chose to buy gifts that others wouldn’t feel burdened to buy expensive things parents should by still not enough the shower I backed out of to extravagant for my wallet we aren’t like that she hangs with these people that money grows on trees it does not I work hard barely make ends meet help a mother be a mom.


I’m extremely sorry to say this, but it’s your fault. :disappointed: You, yourself said she has been spoiled her whole life. Again, I’m sorry to say this, but your daughter doesn’t sound like a very good person. It’s a parents job to take care of their children, but only to a certain extent. Your job is to raise them. Once their grown, your job is to support them. I don’t mean financially. Not sure how old your daughter is, but if she’s having a baby, regardless of her age, she’s an adult and should act like one. You’re both adults. Sit her down, talk to her, tell her how you feel and then stand your ground.


Good parenting does not equate to indulging your adult child’s every whim. No is no whether she wants to hear it or not.


She will learn Soon enough.

She needs to grow up, tell her the buck stops here… You do you


Start being the bad guy and demand respect, she’ll hate you for awhile, but she’ll get over it eventually, my boy is fairly spoiled, but also knows no means no, hes only 2 though, so not sure how long till he starts to push it, he would rather mummy play time, then toys, head up, cant change the past, all you can do is change your actions now, and help her lead a better life in the future.


That’s her way to control you, don’t let her.


all I can say is she needs to be talked to because my 11 year old can handle no baby I don’t have enough money today maybe tomorrow or next week or when we get our check. I mean without throwing a fit. It also sounds like she needs to have a tough lesson taught to her. you can’t worry about whether or not it’s good enough for her when you say no I can’t buy you a $300 pair of headphones right now. It is what it is you know.

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Nope shes an adult AND becoming a parent. Cut that umbilical cord now!!! You can buy your grand baby stuff shes an adult and needs to be treated as such


If she’s grown enough to get pregnant she needs to be grown enough to handle hearing the word no. She’s going to learn the hard way what having a entitled child feels like


Hum, cut the cord!!!

Above and beyond you did your job with love let her do hers simple