I feel like I am not being treated fairly: Advice?

My bf and I have been together for a couple of years now. We have five children that he and I had from previous relationships. I love him as much as I do mine. But when his kids are visiting, he seems to treat mine worse, and I can’t stand that. I love him more than anything, as well… but I’m finding it harder to want to be around him, though. Not just because of the difference in how the kids are treated, but we’ve been having a hard time getting along. We fight over dumb shit, and it’s draining me. It’s almost like I can’t wait for bedtime. When we talk, it’s usually about what has happened at work. Other than that, we really don’t have much to talk about. I also feel like I’m ignored when I try talking to him. I’m a SAHM and do everything for the family and around the house. Which, I’m not trying to complain, but I’d like a break once in a while. Yes, he works, but as he’s said himself, his work isn’t hard. He’s able to get away when he goes to work… yes, I know it’s work… it seems like the only time I’m allowed to get away is when I go grocery shopping. Which, in itself stresses me out, because I have bad anxiety and can’t tolerate being around a lot of people. I feel sadder than I’ve ever been, and I don’t know what to do anymore. Yes, I can get a job, but it’s hard finding one that’ll match the kid’s school schedule. I don’t have anyone that could get the kids to and from school, so it’s hard. I know that sounds like an excuse, but I’m not trying to make one. I feel like I’m treated like shit on the daily. I’ve not always been super nice to him, so I don’t have much room to talk, but damn. I’m tired. I don’t know if this is what I want anymore.


“He treats my kids like shit but I love him so much” :roll_eyes: gtfo lady…

Leave. Immediately. If not sooner.

Find a job within your kids school district so you have the same hours, built up a savings for when and if you want to leave him.


Then don’t do it anymore. You’re not married to him. Make your change. Get that job.

Have u tried talking to him he may not know he’s doing it

I lived this life once. Never worked out.
If you think it hurts YOU to see him treat your children differently, I promise…your kids are suffering even more.


I am still trying to work with my oldest because of the anxiety he caused. She had a 100% personality change during my marriage with him.

Sec try to set down and talk not yell but have a real convo he did this and u did this

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But a heart to heart

Try talking to him. When we became a blended family he didnt realize what he was doing and quickly changed when it was pointed out. He had 4, i had 4 and we had 1 together. Every day i raise 9 kids and every day i do it 12hrs 900+ mi away from any family i have. It sucks but its worth it all in the end.


If you BOTH have faults you BOTH need to work on it. It takes communication desire. Sometimes an unbiased third party can help like a counselor.

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I had this issue with my marriage last summer. We sat down together SEVERAL times and truly spoke to one another. We laId everything on the table. Complete honesty about how we felt. We are now better than ever and have since always kept open communications about how we feel and remind the other if they’re being an ass

Walk awAy and don’t look Back

Put all of the problems on the table. If you cant fix it together, then youll have your answer.

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Communication is key to a relationship. Talk to him about everything you’re feeling and go from there.

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GET OUT NOW. He’s just using you.

It won’t get better. Part time kids are always treated different because the father tries to compensate for seeing them part time. The full time kids always get the brunt of it because they have rules all the time. Part time kids don’t have rules because it has to be fun when they come over. It put a strain on the relationship and fuels resentment. Get out now…


I don’t know about yours but my ex wasn’t a let’s sit down and talk kind of guy. Whatever was wrong was my fault and my problem. He had two boys and I had five when we got married. I couldn’t say anything to his kids, I wasn’t their mother. Even though their mother sucked. He would discipline my kids and not his. Especially my second son. Always pitting the other boys against him so they would hit him and then he cheered them on. His kids were rude , destructive and did what they wanted, when they wanted, including calling me “bitch”. My opinion only is it will get worse with time. Get out now. Your kids will resent you for putting them through that.

Bye Felicia. No dick is worth my kids self-esteem