I feel like I can still feel the epidural I had a month ago: Advice?

I had my BD a month ago and got an epidural, and everything went fine during labor and healing up. What I wasn’t expecting was STILL being able to feel EXACTLY where the epidural went into my back. It’s a dull feeling while sitting, but if I arch and flex my back, it feels tight and annoying. Does this go away? Am I the only one?


Im a massage therapist of 20+ years, I run into this, woman complaining years later of a pain. Ive manipulated the area and no more pain.


Could take a few years. My youngest is 4, I haven’t noticed the pain since just before Christmas. So he was 3yrs,9 months later.

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It doesn’t go away especially in winter time… try to keep your back covered the air makes your back cold n you can feel the strap pain all over again… for me sometimes ill feel pain for 10 min n it goes down my right leg but it all depends on u and your body…

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I have a numb spot in the area they put the epidural, they put it in the wrong spot, came back and changed it, but that happened AFTER they had me injected with the epidural in that area and I said I felt nothing…it hurts like MF

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I can feel mine 2 years later.

That happened to me. It went away after about 3-5 months. I wouldn’t worry unless its a major pain or it lasts a long time.

Just had a c section 6 months ago and my right hip and half way down my butt cheek was numb for the first 4 months after having her.

I had it happen with my 3rd and 5th. It went away over the course of a year.

I had back labour with both kids that affected my siactic nerve for 2 years after and one edible took the pain away for 6 months eventually it went away after 3 more

I had a failed epidural and have suffered so much with my back since my little girl was born. She’s 15 weeks and some days I can barely get out of bed without awful pain. It eases up a bit throughout the day but hurts whenever I walk for longer than a few minutes x

My first one messed up my back pretty bad, what’s wierd though csection two stopped the pain, 3 went fine, but this last one messed it up again. It really really hurts 2 months later. The doctor brushed it off, but I know it damaged something.

My youngest is almost 8 and I can still feel where it went in. It’s not terrible pain by any means, but occasionally dull, like you described. I personally believe that for some, the scar tissue can cause sensitivity. But I’m not a doctor.

That pain never goes away. Three times. Your back will always have that dual pain.

My son is 6 and I still get back pain from my epidural. My anesthesiologist was chatting up the nurse and wasn’t paying attention and ended up having to restick me like 3 times to get it right

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I’m 8weeks postpartum and mine hurts! I can’t arch my back backwards. I’ve been working on stretching a little more everyday. And this past week finally starting to feel better. This was my third one. Never had a problem before

That happened to me, it went away I wanna say by the time my daughter was like 4 months. Mine gradually got better as the time went on, but still felt the achy ness of it until 4 months.

Tbh, my little boy is 20 mths and I’m still having issues

I’ve had 4 of them over the last 9 years. I still feel the pain daily :woman_shrugging:

No issues from my epidural.