I feel like I have been leaking urine: Advice?

So I’ve recently been feeling like I’m dribble peeing on myself like little drops, but it’s all throughout the day. I’ve had an increase in mucus discharge since this has started as well. I’m only seven months and two weeks pregnant, so in 30 weeks, I’ll be going to the hospital. I just wanted to know if anyone else experienced this, and it turned out to be them leaking amniotic fluid, or was it just from pressure on your bladder? Also, to note, it feels like my baby is pushing down. I get sharp pains in my pelvis area and inside my vagina


yes… my water was leaking and this is how it felt … go to the hospital and get checked

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I would get checked just in case but I’m 8 months now and have same thing happening for a few weeks now but they’ve said everything was normal. Even the pressure and really sharp pains when baby moves down there. Feels like they might come out but it’s very uncomfortable.

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My water was leaking with my middle daughter. I’d get checked

My daughter had ruptured a small hole and it was at the top so when she moved it would come out and dribble out slowly! I was extremely low of fluids and had to be admitted

I had the same thing two weeks ago and I was 35 weeks then. Freaked out for nothing. My bladder was just weak from all the pressure.

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Check with dr just incase it honestly could be either or

Call your midwife or ob. It’s a simple test to find out if you’re leaking fluid. You could be leaking, but it’s also very possible you are leaking urine. You have a whole baby resting on your bladder. The pelvic and vagina pain can be from a lot of things as well.

Most likely you are peeing, but never hurts to check.

Definitely call your dr. I had this happen at 34+3 and my water broke and I delivered the next day. It could very possibly be urine from pressure, but it’s worth getting checked.

About a month before my daughter was born my underwear were soaked through daily. I went to Labor and delivery and they said nothing was wrong my cervix is still closed thought it was just pee and sweat because it was summer. When my daughter was born my water never broke. I think I had a slow leak for over a month

I had this happen and it was amniotic fluid and I was induced.

My water leaked for 3 weeks. Get checked please

Could be your water leaking or just the bladder issue like you said. Best to get checked though

From my experience, if it’s urine it will smell it. Your panties will smell like pee. First pregnancy, I had similar issues. Around 28 weeks I kept “leaking” what they said was urine. I never smelled like pee. I got swabbed and they said it wasn’t my amniotic fluid. Well, at 34 weeks my water finally broke. I’m POSITIVE I had a slow leak. Second pregnancy, I’ve been leaking urine. It smells like urine. Lol

Ring your Midwife asap!!

If u are continuing to leak fluid, you need to go get checked out. Call your dr!

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I carried really low so my daughter would kick urine out if you think it’s amniotic fluid go get tested at labor and delivery. My OB told me it was always better to be safe than sorry.

During the 7th month, the baby turns. Meaning his head turns downwards and gets ready to be born in a few months. The pain and the leaking is because of this process. But it would be better to check with your doctor because some babies are in a hurry and want to be born in the 7th month :grin:

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When in question go to your doctor or labor and delivery asap. They will do a swap and let you know if its amniotic fluid. Better safe than sorry.