I feel like I should be contributing my household more: Advice?

I am currently a SAHM and work very part-time from home. I am 38; my boys are 10 & 8. I feel like during the day when they are at school, I should be contributing more. When my kids were younger, I understood my role. Now, I am in this weird stage of it and want more for myself. Does anyone else feel this way? Would you go back to work?


I’m 31 and in the same boat with a 10 year old daughter. I keep the house clean and cook 98% of the time but it gets old real fast. I’m going back to school soon so hopefully that will motivate me more and make me feel better about not wanting to do so much. Cabin fever is something serious! :disappointed:

I was in the exact same situation last year. Someone told me to pick up a hobby. I also needed to lose weight. So I joined a gym. It wasn’t fun at 1st but I made myself go everyday the kids were in school. It’s now something I enjoy and started joining marathons. Between focusing on myself and maintaining the house stuff I feel more complete and happier.


You could probably sub in the school. Then you’d have the same schedule as the kids. I know all of our schools have a hard time finding per diem subs.


Once they’re both in school theres no reason you cant be at work… I went back to work 6 months after my first and 3 months after my second… Definitely get back into it

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Do it for yourself, get to work a bit more, make more friends, make some extra money💚


My plan is to go back to work once my last is in 1st grade. I personally don’t understand what sahm do all day while their kids are at work. (Obviously house work but if the kids aren’t home, how much of a mess is there to clean?) I would just be sitting on my butt being lazy.


Or volunteer somewhere

Something to think about is what do you want to do or be when your kids are out of the house and work on that whether is be schooling or starting out slowing in the career field you want to be in etc.


You ‘understood your role’ ??? Gee you just put us women back 100 yrs !!!


Same. It gives me such anxiety. Following for own advice.

Take a course and go after a career you will enjoy. You’re not even 40 and still have over 25 years to work so look into what you love and see if you can make money with it

I would keep doing what you are doing. Your kids are getting to the age where you definitely need to be home when they get home. The older they get, the more curious they become
Time with no supervision could get them into trouble. You are still contributing by being there to guide them.

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Why don’t you sub in your school district? That way you’re only there while they’re there?

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I went back to work once my 4yo was in preschool and I have 5…I couldn’t handle being at home any longer.

Get a degree and work part time. When your kids grow up, you will thank yourself. If you already have a degree, work part time. Your role can be whatever you make it. Some people get upset you saying you don’t understand your role. You can have any role you want and make it how you want


I started back slowly by volunteering my time. It actually led to great jobs and an increase in my confidence.


You need to do what you feel is best for you. I can only imagine how many moms would like to be in your shoes!

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You could always volunteer at school or go back to school your self .

Go to work and enjoy yourself and the extra money!