I feel like I should cut off my mom and sister: Thoughts?

I feel like cutting my sister and mother out of my life. My mother is a drug user and not a legal leaf kind. She can be useful for a while then go on a binge of drug use where she is alone high obviously and either ends up in the hospital or in jail. She refuses help says that everyone does something just to accept her as she is. I have two children who I don’t want to grow up as I did being left in a car or at a park for hours till my mother would come back for me, again high, of course. She is a good person — Shes, my mother. My sister has the nastiest attitude you could meet unless she is also had her fix(not as strong as my mother, just weed) but still she will show up with a dirty look on her face and storm to her room why because she had a “hard day” at work -customer service on the phone- she is always judging me I feel secretly hating me. Right now, I am SAHM. My youngest is ten months. My common-law husband lol supports us as he does not like daycare. Anyways she will say get a job do something with your self, okay with what babysitter, she is not offering to help. Tells me I sleep all day, okay with a ten-month, yes all I do is sleep the baby takes care of herself cooking and all she didn’t congratulate me when I told the family I was pregnant with the second, her response “I’m going to sleep I’m tired.” She didn’t come to see me in the hospital ( I was there five days section) claimed I never told her I was going to the hospital. IT WAS A SCHEDULED SECTION THE WHOLE FAMILY KNEW! I just constantly feel put down by her. Maybe I’m too emotional.


Cut :clap:t3: her :clap:t3: off :clap:t3:

TOXIC is TOXIC. It doesn’t matter who it comes from, friends, sister, the person that gave birth to you.

Just because by definition she’s your “mother” doesn’t mean she really is. It takes a lot more to be a mom than just giving birth.

You don’t need it in your life, and I’m speaking from personal experience. You’ll feel SO much better


There is absolutely nothing wrong with cutting out toxic people in your life (family or not). You owe it to yourself and your children to break that cycle. You know the pain that that lifestyle causes as you lived it. Please spare your children from the same pain you went through as a child.


If you feel someone is toxic to you or your children cut them off…simple as that. Are you living with your mother & sister? Or are they living with you?


Honestly I would! You and your children don’t need that in your lives! Take care of you and your babies!


Set some boundaries. You’ll regret it if you cut her out. I do every day since she is passed

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If ANYONE is toxic in your life then they should be immediately cut OUT of your life family or not your peace is not worth their toxicity :woman_shrugging: trust me family can be the most toxic people in your life :woman_facepalming:


I really didn’t read past the question. If you feel like you need to cut toxic people out of your life then do it. The reasons don’t matter. If you don’t feel comfortable, safe, respected, or loved then they NEED TO GO. You have to do what you feel is the best for you because no one else in this world will.
Stay strong, it’s hard but you can do it!!!


I agree toxic ppl have to go doesn’t matter who it is cut of my mother sister for this very reason u have your own lil family to think about ya mither n sister are responsible for ther oen lives there adults dont let the fact that someone is family to emosh blackmail you into putting up with there bullshit if you dont want that shit round ya kids n there making no effort to change move on xxx

If your husband can support y’all then move out!


I know how you feel. My mother chose drugs over me all my life. I was raised by my Dad, and I’ve tried to reconnect with her, but it’s the same…clean, not clean! My birthday was December 27, she never called me that day. Called 3 days later, still never told me happy birthday. Her only grandchild is my daughter and she always wants me to bring her over. I don’t want to subject my child to her bullshit though. So, I completely understand how you feel. I think we both have some decisions to make, for our own peace of mind. Screw trying to please people who don’t care about us!

If your common law husband wants you with your babies and is able to support his family then his opinion is the only one that matters. Sound like your sister is just bitter about her own life. You don’t have to feel bad about cutting them out. You and your family are the only ones that matter. Your sanity and your kids safety. Toxic is toxic. Family or not.


Don’t feel bad at all for cutting toxic people ( yes even family ) out of your life.you don’t need your mother teaching the children that "everyone does something " and your sister with that attitude has to go.believe me your life will be so much better and less stressful with these people gone

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U can’t go live with your bf?

This will pass and you’re family will still be there! You only have one mother; be there for her!


Don’t let anyone poison your peace. If you feel you should then do it.

Toxic is toxic. You need to distance yourself because they will only bring you down.

I and my 3 kids were living with my mom for a little over a year, helping HER after 2 strokes. She was fine with my girls but was nasty to me and my son who has ADHD, ODD and anxiety. She had no filter as to what she said to him. I and their dad FINALLY found an affordable place and MOVED 4 HOURS AWAY! My kids will never endure that again!

Yeah um, it’s past time to cut them the fuck off.

No I feel that your mother needs to grow up needs to come to the conclusion that she is an addict and she needs to stop you and your husband and the kids I mean if you want to go see her fine if you don’t find but the bottom line being you need to live your life without her and your sister in it until they can come to you are present themself in a way that is good for you your husband and your children