I feel like my boyfriends ex only came around again cause I am pregnant: Advice?

So I’m pregnant with my boyfriend. And his kid’s mother is a psycho ex-drug addict. So her brain doesn’t function when it comes to common sense lol. She put a restraining order on him a little over a year ago, saying he threatened her. But we were living in a whole other state, and he didn’t even know about it. So after not hearing from his kids and no one picking up calls. He found out about it. She is moving forward. We move back to the same state shes in. And we go to Walmart. Some broad that she knows. Seen him. Then he sees me. Sees my belly — all of a sudden. His Baby Mama calls him to drop the restraining order. And is allowing him to see the kids. But I’m not allowed near the kids. There is a court date coming up. And I tell him to wait for the court date to set up schedules. But for now, he’s like I want to see my kids. So he goes. But now he’s like I gotta take them here and there. And she refuses to leave them alone with him. She wants rides here and there. Mind you; she’s had him arrested and called child services making up stories. Where later, she admits she made up. But child services don’t care about fixing it. So all this stuff she’s put him through, now she wants rides, but I’m not allowed in the car. Meanwhile, we just bought a car — Im not a new female. I have been around. I feel as though She needs to sit in that back seat and me be there, especially since I’m in my last three weeks — high Risk of pregnancy. And I need him around right now. Am I wrong for feeling this way? She should have no type of feelings about me sitting in my car and being around the kids. She has no car. But I feel like she came around just to be bitter and petty because that one broad told her " her I saw ur kids father with his girl and she’s pregnant," so she’s making everything miserable by making sure he’s never home. And away from me? When I need him the most now. I’ve missed four doctor appointments because he jumps up to go see his kids, which is fine. But I can’t come. I can’t be in my car. and I’m not allowed near her kids. He’s blind to what she is doing. But gets mad at me for her wanting to be around. Thanks in advance.


Well if its your car, keep the keys.


You all sound immature and like you are enjoying the drama. You call her a psycho with no common sense and wonder why she doesn’t want you around her kids?
This whole post seems like it’s just made for the attention. Take your 5 minutes you get from the post and wait to see what happens in court. Best of luck to all the kids involved in this situation :grimacing:


Fuck him. Sure his kids are important but so are you and his unborn child. Your high risk and you need him more then she dose unless the kids are hurt and need to go to the hospital or doctor he shouldn’t just drop everything expressly your doctor appointments for her.

I wouldn’t allow that, I’d be up in that car also. That’s just me though. Idk why your ex is allowing her to make the rules as well. He should’ve put his foot down and included you.


I’d tell him grow a pair or he about to have two baby mamas!!! Don’t ever allow a man to disrespect you!!! What you allow will continue. And he’s dumb as hell for being alone with someone who’s claimed abuse and filed Cps reports. He’s only asking for trouble. Know your worth.


One if ur high risk u shouldn’t not miss any appointments and u should not be left alone. She needs to grow up and if she wants a ride in ur car then she needs to sit back and shut up. And ur man needs to be on ur team stop putting u on the back burner or u need to bounce cause If he ditching u during this very important time then u might need to go be with family.


Sounds like theirs more to this story


Let him go this seems to be a no win situation he’s blind to her manipulations and finds it easier to get mad at you. If car is in your name ONLY take your keys. If he doesn’t like it he can go be with the EX I’m sure that won’t last long because she’s only playing games. Grow up and do better.


You missed 4 appointments because YOU missed 4 appointments!!! Not because he “jumps” to see his kids, what’s that gotta do with your appointments???..To see how YOUR baby is doing. Smfh. You’re having a BABYYYY- focus on YOU and YOUR child, not her and their kids. Why stoop? This is so immature. You’re a mother now, not a child.


I actually work in child services… she gave a reason that u can’t be around the children, there was a court hearing to put that in place… u would’ve been subpoenaed, u would’ve gotten paperwork or could get it… if it exists… u can’t just say someone did something to get a restraining order, a police report, evidence etc is needed… an emergency one yes but that is only 72 hours to 2 weeks and u go to court and prove something happened… plus there’s a paper trail a mile long. Someone is full of sh*z. She can’t just say u can’t be around them, it’s ur damn car, say no. We going to court

Uh no! Just no! It’s your car sis she don’t like it then no more rides plain and simple. You need that car especially right now, and he should be more mindful to you and your needs, such as days you have appointments and tell her “not today.” Sounds messy but I’d at the very least roll around with them till he goes to court to get a set schedule. and yes I’d make her sit in the back… If she gets mad the worst she can do is try to take them but with her making the court date to let him see them, she’ll look crazy and he’ll just have to fight her. But I’d tell her to kick rocks I she doesn’t like it.


Been in the SAME EXACT situation. And I’d leave bc in my case he never changed and at one point was trying to decide between the two of us. I left after a while when I should have left then. He will always bend to her will and do everything she says bc she holds the power over his kids and even him because she’s the first mother of his child or children.


Well if it was my car that bissssh would find another way to get from here to there… He had a problem and he can go f****** live with her! PeriodT


Sorry but reading this post hurt my head


If he doesn’t care enough about you and your child to keep you from missing doctor appts while he’s out running around with his ex baby mama (especially during a high risk pregnancy) I think it’s you, not him that is blind to what’s going on. I’m sorry but that’s not normal and there’s more going on than what he’s telling you. I he respected you at all he should be telling her you go or no one goes.


Why is he giving her rides


Girl im sorry I understand it he shouldn’t be he is enabling her from seeing hey where not together ill help out but ive moved on you need to get your own way around and if he is going to help her butt that much then he needs to lay the law down it don’t matter who either is with if you have nothing child related on your background she can’t control that he is allowing her to control it more than the law would… id talk to him make him aware its going to get worse and unless its signed off by a legal person then the restraining order is still in effect she can’t drop it without signing legal documents and him receiving the proof in writing by the legal entity that signed it to go in effect he better keep his guard up ive seen that card played numerous of times
He definitely should be with you as much as possible right now you do need him entirely right now he really should put her in check she may his kids mom but she is intentionally placing a wall in between yall and you guys should be focused on your new chapter with your baby

Sounds like he’s seeing both of y’all


Definitely more to this story!!!