I feel like my husband isn't attracted to me being 7-months-pregnant: Thoughts?

I’m 23 years old and seven months pregnant. I’m having some difficulty in my marriage with intimacy in the past few months. I’m not sure what to do anymore, and I’ve talked to my husband about how it bothers me. It seems like lately, he’s not interested at all in getting intimate or even cuddling. I feel like he’s not attracted to me while I’m pregnant even though he assures me that isn’t the case and that he just feels like his libido has gone down. I just feel extremely insecure, and I know that he loves me, but how do I get past the insecurity. I don’t like feeling like I have to beg to be touched or like he doesn’t feel attracted to me. Has anybody else had this problem?

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Calm down…you are pregnant! Focus on that. He is allowed to feel differently about your body because your body is different now. Relax. In a couple of months its going to be you thats not interested as much in intimacy because you will be exhausted. Life ebbs and flows, dont overthink it.

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He could also be stressed or anxious about the coming baby and all that comes with it. It’s a stressful thing with all the responsibilities

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My bf wants to wait until it’s just the two of us :laughing: so I know where ya coming from. But he holds me, loves going for walks and eating! It’s hard but ya gotta find different ways to connect

My BF did that to me. Both pregnancies. He chose porn instead of sex. I still resent him for it to this day.

I wouldn’t be to concerned. You will be the one with a low libido soon. Relationships go thru ups and downs in the bedroom.

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Your over thinking. When you are pregnant your emotions are all over the place. He may feel he’ll hurt you if you have sex. Then I
n the other hand .Then he may just want to give you space. He’s probably as scared as you . Men want tell you that.

Prayer Changes things. Try it. God will show you everything that you need to know about your man. I been there before so I know. I didn’t like what I learned about my husband but I needed to know because my ex husband kept lying.

Some men feel bad about having sex while their woman is pregnant its natural to feel insecure about things while you are pregnant as well. Take this time to learn about self love and ways you can love yourself so you feel less insecure.

My husband goes through periods where he has no libido due to stress or when he has 80 hour work weeks. Just like women their libido can fluctuate it is a part of life

First of all I would like to say, your feelings are valid. I would feel afraid and insecure too if my partner suddenly started acting differently towards me. However, if your partner loves you for you then it doesn’t have anything to do with your body. He could be stressed since the babies arrival is so soon. He may even be worried about how it may change the dynamic if this is your first child. Try not to meditate on all these worries, focus on the good & exciting parts & perhaps this positive energy will overflow to him as well. Everything is gonna be okay momma, you got this.

Most men think by having while ur heavily pregnant that it might hurt the baby …not so he’s also not cuddling with u cause he mostly gets turned on and he knows if he gets to close well he can’t control himself !!

Talk to your doctor about risks having sex while being pregnant it might.be a good idea to do so cause if its correct u could harm the baby.u.wontnfeel so.bad.if your hubby.is saying he doesnt want.to complicate things tells this to.your doctor. If it is true.or not good luck

I think if he’s not upset you shouldn’t be either. Your thought are your own and you shouldn’t project those onto him. Maybe he’s worried about hurting the baby? Maybe he’s stressed because the baby will be here soon. There are all kinds of things that could be going on that have little to do with you personally or how he feels about you. It can be stressful. Talk to him see if that’s what he’s going through. The least you can do is believe him if he says the issue isn’t you.

Same exact thing happened to me. Same exact excuse, plus a couple more. Nothing has changed and our baby is almost 2…I wish I had some words or advice to make you feel better! I’m sorry you’re going through this.

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Maybe it really is him and you shouldn’t take it to heart? I’m currently pregnant, but even not pregnant, my sex drive is all over the place and always changing.

Dont worry guys think the craziest and it is probably just fear of hurting the baby . Just reassure him and tslk with him openly.


I wouldn’t take it too seriously. This is a change for him too … communicate and have a conversation. Maybe there are different ways you can spice up intimacy …

Until the dsy he died and he was 74

Men have hormone fluctuations just like the ladies do. So even if your sex drive is up, it could affect him by lowering his.

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