I feel like my mother-in-law tries to take over when she comes over: Advice?

Hello, I have a question it’s about my mother Inlaw I have a 2-month-old son I feel that my mother Inlaw likes to take over when it comes to my son like for an example every time we go see my inlaws she likes to rip him out of my hands and when he cries she doesn’t give me a chance to go to him or feed him or change. Should I let it be or talk to her


Talk to her. She might not even notice she’s doing it and is excited to see them.


Okay so i’m not the only one who’s dealt with this! I finally had to put my foot down and turned my back to her when she tried to take my son out of my arms, did she have a fit yes, but guess what as the mother we are allowed to say No!


She probably thinks she’s giving you a break just talk to her but make sure express its how you feel about the situation and use lots of I statements no need to piss off the in laws

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Maybe she’s trying to help you and doesn’t want to wait for you to ask for help ? Some moms don’t like asking for help or some time off… If it’s not her being offensive or overly controlling, I’d try to enjoy it.


Just let it be, she loves her new grandbaby and she’s only trying to help. Lots of grandparents feel that when you go to their house that’s their time to help because you’re at home doing it all by yourself and this is how they get to feel like they’re doing something like they are giving you a gift. Be happy your mother-in-law loves her grandbaby so much there are lots of mother-in-laws who are nothing like that. Now if it becomes way too much you could say things like let’s just let him sleep for a little bit in his seat he’s been fussy a lot. Or I’ll change his diaper I need all the practice I can get. But believe me in a couple months when the baby is not so tiny you’ll be wishing somebody was there to help you do those things


If it bothers you that much talk to her! When she attends to his needs when you’re visiting I would just enjoy the help! She’s probably just an excited grandma! I wish my kids grandparents or anyone was involved and I would appreciate and love the help and the break sometimes! Set rules you are comfortable with and communicate with her about it.


Hell no. Youre the mom, not her. She has no right to just take him or refuse to give him back.


It is probably her just excited to help take care of the baby! I have done this with ALL the new babies in our family! I was called the baby hog cause I didn’t like to share :joy:


Unless she’s brushing you off or being disrespectful, I would let her. Go take a shower. Pluck your eyebrows. Take a nap lol :joy:. I had a minor conversation with my own mom about it, because it was coming off as she thought I couldn’t handle my own baby, but she said she was just trying to help me. Sometimes it’s not always what it seems.


She may just be trying to help you out…I would talk to her or just let her do so and take a break🤷‍♀️


That’s what Grandma does. She just wants a close relationship with your baby. It’s okay to talk with her about it. Your feelings are valid!
We’re not close to my mom, my kids video call her daily to say hi. I have a 12yo and a 1.5yo, it helps when we do visit in person as well. :yellow_heart:


HELL. NO. Take your child back. The next time she snatches, snatch baby right back and call her on assuming and not asking. When she tries to do stuff, remind her she is NOT the parent and tell her to stop. Tell her to back the fuck off now or you’re going to have more problems down the road.

Talk to her about it but she is the Grammy and wants to help

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have a talk and set boundaries

Talk to her she needs to know boundries and where her place is mommy’s know best and she doesn’t need to be doing that this is me my opinion I’d let her know its upsetting and you have every right to comfort your baby as needed and she can have baby just after you are done doing what you need to do as mommy

99% of the time when it comes to a newer baby, the family member(s) are just trying to help out and give you a break. If it honestly upsets you so much just explain that you understand why they’re doing it but that you would still prefer to take the lead on caring for your child when they’re around.

Let her help you. Once the newness of having a new baby wears off and you’re tired, you’re going to welcome this help later. Be happy you have somebody to love on your child.


If she wants to help tell her to cook dinner or do laundry while you are with your child.

She absolutely needs a talking to. Otherwise she will just keep doing it. And it just Carry’s on as they get older. She will end up dismissing you when you tell your child no, and overrule you. (Giving them sweets etc… once you have already said no)
I’m all for grandparents getting time for cuddles etc… but ripping baby away, and refusing to give the child back when they are crying or hungry isnt really acceptable imo. X