I feel like my parents hate my kids: Thoughts?

Today is my sons’ year birthday; we have been having issues with my parents and their favoritisms towards the other grandchildren. My parents have the other grandchildren every other weekend for the whole weekend plus Tuesday and Thursday when they get out of school. Yet if I ask for them to watch my two kids (stepdaughter and son) they act like my kids are burden or they will flat out tell me they don’t have time to watch them ( keep in mind I had a Drs appointment and thus why I asked. NOT because I wanted time alone or away from them) The end of November I had a total hysterectomy, my mom went as far as to text me “so we aren’t responsible for your kids right? You have someone else watching them, correct?” My husband ended up staying home with the kids, and I alone at the hospital in recovery. We live 3 minutes’ walking distance away from them. Am I sensitive, or do they actually hate my kids? What would you do? I have tried talking to them, and They told me I was making mountains out of molehills… aka making me feel crazy. Since my son’s birth, they had watched him 2x in the entire two years (only when I was in a pinch) and after they complained about him and the fact that had to watch him for the next two months. My kids are not ill-behaved either, my son is a dream, and my stepdaughter is a pleaser.


Just ask her “ do you have an problem with watching my kids?” If yes, then ask her “what is the problem?“

Anyone that treats my child differently gets removed from our life. Period.

Simple. Ask them why.


You don’t have to have them in your lives just because they’re your parents. They seem very toxic. I am so sorry


Do your parents also favor your siblings (the ones that have the kids that your parents favor)? You’re not crazy. You see a difference in treatment because it exists. I would make other arrangements. I can’t imagine your parents will treat your kids right later down the line if this is how they’re acting. How could you complain about a baby? They sound very selfish. Cut your losses. They’ll end up treating your kids like crap when they’re older, especially if they treated you poorly in comparison to your own siblings.


My MIL practically raises my SIL’s kids but doesn’t even attempt to see my daughter. My husband doesn’t say anything

Are all the other gr.kids biological - some parents I have learned over the years have issues within themselves about having step anything be it their own stepchild or step-gr.child which is all but crazy to me in itself bc once you marry someone with children they become your children in my opinion. You aren’t crazy sweetie they are just not being nice. I’m a gr.ma and I’ve had my share of children in my home to love and cherish and some weren’t even related at all. In my prayers sweet girl they are truly missing out on the blessings of your kids.

Toxic don’t ask anymore


I would never ask them again, if they still don’t ever see them you will have your answer. Their loss, my heart prays they see they do miss you and your family.:blossom::hibiscus::rosette::rose:

Parents r assholes cut them off u will feel so much better


Cut them off they arnt worth if


Talk to them. My MIL has always favored my SIL kids. We just never talk to them now…

Walk away…they will end up hurting your children emotionally. It’s sad but it happens and it’s not the kids fault. You would protect them from strangers so you need to protect them from family members who dont show love also. I’m so sorry you and your kids are going thru this. Take it to the LORD in prayer and forgive them for their ignorance.


Your kids would probably only feel unwecome! Find some one you can trust to treat them right! Their loss!


Cut them off. Your kids will see the preferential treatment. I would cut ALL communication with them.


Something tells me you know exactly why they won’t watch her kids but for some reason you come to Facebook to look for sympathy. Maybe your kids miss behave who knows but there’s got to be a reason and instead of coming to Facebook you should probably just keep this in the family and talk to them about it


Don’t ask again. Accept it and don’t stress over it. You know your kids worth. Hopefully your parents will see it later. My parents didn’t appreciate overspend time with my boys until they were older

Not enough info. From what I’m gathering the other grandchildren are older. Could this be a factor?


Cut them off. Your babies come first, just because you share dna with them doesn’t mean they deserve access to your kids if they are going to be shitty humans.

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