I feel like something is medically wrong with me but everything comes back fine: Thoughts?

I spent 2 years thinking something was very wrong with me physically, and I went from specialist to specialist only to have every test come back negative… even went as far as having my breast implants removed. Turns out it was a mixture of stress and anxiety! You’d be surprised what it can do to the body. Put myself on Wellbutrin.


I agree…it sounds like anxiety.

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The tight in your chest and trouble breathing… I had that a couple years ago. On my own I decided it was the combination of medicines they had me on, a blood pressure med, birth control and anti anxiety. I stopped taking them and the problem stopped. Not sure what you can do when everything comes back normal. I went to the er for mine and “everything came back normal” too.

Sound alike a chronic illness.
Which as you can tell from the comments many people don’t understand and will want to call you a hypochondriac. Get some medical genetic testing done it should get some insight for ya thats what it took for alot of peeps I know

Girl that sounds exactly like anxiety.
What happens in your brain when this is happening?
Is it like a whirlwind of thought that won’t allow you to make one cohesive complete thought-circuit before the other part of your brain starts excreting worst case scenarios and wildly unlikely outcomes? Do you feel like you have add? Do you find yourself foot jiggling, or if you’re sitting down and you realize something needs to be done or you want a drink or whatever reason you have to get up, do you stand up suddenly enough to startle other people in the room?
Do you feel an impeding sense of doom, and you’re not sure why?
Do you feel like you’re having a heart attack?
Have you become outrageously furious to the point that you feel like you could become physically violent over exceptionally mild provocation?
Does this just happen out of the blue, with no understandable warning or trigger?
Have you become suddenly paranoid or afraid, for no reason at all?
Because those are some of the many confusing symptoms of anxiety.


With shortness of breath, tight chest, and back ache…if upper back get heart checked…
Not unusual for antibiotics to give you a UTI…
But if white blood cells elevated you need to keep looking…
Good luck… don’t give up

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Couple of questions… do you smoke? If so, try to quit… 2. Are you taking any vitamins, herbs etc? If so you may want to look at stopping those also. Also look at seeing a cardiologist and getting in with a pulmonologist for possible sleep apnea. Also anxiety can cause you to have the symptoms that you described as far as even throwing your white cell count. I just went through this EXACT thing with my husband after he suffered a heart attack and stroke and it stemmed from sleep apnea and high anxiety. Please if your PCP is not listening to you, find another doctor who will. You are your only advocate!!! :heart::hugs:

My first thought when reading this is anxiety. I’ve suffered with anxiety for over 10 years and it can literally make you think everything and anything is wrong and the more you think about it the worse it gets. Contact your pcp and see about anxiety medication. I promise it’ll help


It sounds like stress and anxiety. That will make your chest/throat, many other things hurt. I’ve been dealing with pain on and off myself the past couple of years and one thing I notice is when I’m stressed or anxious I can feel like I have the flu. Deff keep pushing. Don’t let them tell you you’re fine if you don’t feel like you are!

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Sounds a bit like anxiety attacks…

Get your thyroid checked. Thyroid issue can cause heart palpitations and could cause pain in you neck and jaw. They can check your thyroid levels by a simple blood draw. Thyroid problem can also cause panic attacks as well. Just a thought but wouldn’t hurt to have it checked.

Could be an auto immune disease which usually comes in “flares”. Periods where the disease is active with disturbing symptoms and then periods where you feel better. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis and have many of these symptoms. I had to see a rheumatologist to be diagnosed. The back and chest symptoms are red flags for this as well as neck pain and headaches but could possibly be something else too. The elevated white blood cells can be a sign of inflammation in the body or sometimes a sign of infection. Classic signs of an inflammatory condition include waking up during the night in pain, night sweats, morning stiffness that lasts more than 30-60minutes, bowel issues, eye issues, skin problems like psoriasis or unexplained rashes, fatigue (exhaustion), recurring infections that the body cannot fight off. This occurs when inflammation levels are very high. If you have no history of anxiety and were not under stress when these episodes occurred then it’s unlikely to be anxiety as others have mentioned. We know when something is “off” within our bodies and this can cause anxiety which can cause heart palpitations but anxiety would have to be very very severe to cause other strange symptoms that you are mentioning here. Too often doctors blames these issues on mental health issues when theres something else wrong. They thought I was just anxious too for years when the symptoms were so sudden and so scary they would make anyone anxious

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I’ve been in same boat for last 2 weeks almost. Went to my dr for anxiety and I told her I was having bad sinus pains. She did nothing. I went er 2 times before they out me on antibiotics for sinusitis. The 1000mg antibiotic gave me serious side effects… brain fog, nausea, chills, etc. I lost 6 pounds and im already a tiny girl. I had blood work and heart tests done and everything was great. I went to er again for anxiety and ct scan showed I had mastoiditis. Finished my pills last Tuesday, now have UTI, and my ears and sinuses still bother me daily and still dizzy off and on and headache. And I still get slight bits of anxiety during the day. I go to ENT Dr Thursday. My dr absolutely sucks and I have medicaid. The er is the only place I can go and see whats wrong because all the drs I find are morons. Hope you can get some relief soon.

I honestly feel your pain iv had problems with my ribs since I was a child like I would have bad episode of crippling pain I’m 31 now n still go through them, I sometimes get lumps appearing along my rib cage exp the left side and all tests would come back as negative including inflammation this went on for years!!! It’s that bad for example I went for a walk other day after 10 minutes went into a episode no warning signs n was crippled outside I had to force myself back home bringing up froth due to how much pain I was in, naproxen paracetamol buscopan u name iv took it, n yet all tests are negative a rhemo Dr has said it’s possible it’s segronegative arthritis but even so there’s no proof :see_no_evil: closest iv got to a diganosis… Trust me if you think there’s something wrong with you and you can tell the difference keep going back to them bloody drs! It took me since I was about 11 to get some kinda diganosis I had dr after Dr tryna tell me it was anxiety, never knew lumps appeared from anxiety! Keep going

Could be stress could you get another doctor. It’s hard to find someone who take medicare and Medicaid. I think you pop is a butt head

Ino this is abit of a long shot do u have muscular pain? Fibromyalgia always comes back as negative that can cause costacondritis (always negative) headaces, dizzness, fog, look it up n see what you think

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Maybe get your heart checked out?

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Go to an oncologist. I was feeling the same way and I went to the e.r. and they did a chest x-ray and found lung cancer

Get your thyroid checked. I had thyroid cancer. It could be anything but it doesn’t hurt to check. My endocrinologist doesn’t know how long I had it but I had many of the same symptoms and high anxiety with ppd. They were all linked to my cancer. Once I had the tumor removed, I have been on the mend.

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I have three thoughts.
One, have you had your home checked for mold? If your having a reaction to mold it can have very similar reactions to anxiety.
2nd would be stress induced anxiety.
3rd carbon monoxide poisoning.

Praying you find the answers to your problems and can get them handled.