I feel overwhelmed by motherhood: Has anyone felt like this before?

I have three kids and just found out that I am pregnant again. As happy as I am about the thought of having another child, I cannot help but feel overwhelmed. I do everything on my own. My husband works 12 hour days. I feel like I have no one to talk to about this because everyone just tells me, “this is what happens when you have sex” or “you made your bed now lie in it”. I am handling things on my own, but people make me feel weak for needing help or feeling overwhelmed. Has anyone ever felt like this?


Every mom since we started having babies


I’m in the same boat and I can honestly say it’s overwhelming motherhood is. The thought of four kids scares me because everything runs through your head like will I cope or how will I do it but honestly your stronger then you think being a mom makes us question ourselves every day but the inner strength we have is unreal x


Yes. You have to pray first,then figure out a schedule that allows nap time and down time for you. Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy. Try not to stress too much. It’ll work out. I know. Hope this helps

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I’m in the same boat but with twins on the way so I’ll have 5 kids and atm I’m in a different country with non of my own family around and I’ve tried talking to my partner about it and get nothing and I’ve tried to talk to his family and they just call me lazy because as a mother it’s my job to have everything together … but honestly us mother do have it we are strong and you got this just do things at your own pace if there are days when it just seems to much just dont do it and to be honest it’s ok to have a cry if that helps … you got this

You’re not weak for wanting help…kids are hard. If you can afford help then great…get some. If you can’t, though, then one has to wonder what choice you really have now except to try to give yourself some time to recharge and deal with it. You know you’re on your own and that your husband is always working. Only you know if you have the flexibility for him to work less and help out more. If not, then you have to bide your time until some of them go off to school…

Been there, it might gonna sound stupid but when i was in that situation i started watching this stupid tv shows like 90 days fiance, love at the first sight, something about a island, etc, it makes me realized that I’m in a better, so much better position in life, watching all this stupid people unhappy for no reason and making the most stupid decisions ever, it really makes me feel good and it helps me somehow listen adults talking not just cartoons…

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I had 4 kids and loved every moment. I took an hour to myself for massages once a month and had date night once a month. Lol I got my hair done like once a year but that massage was so worth it.

I am a single mom of a 12 year old daughter, and due any time now. My kids are spread out, and this child I am pregnant with, I ended up pregnant the day before I left the father and the 3 year relationship we had. I have no family near me, lost my mom Jan 26th last year, my sister 10 years ago and my dad still lives in FL where him and my mom moved to retire. I don’t have 3/4 kids, but yes I feel like all moms feel like that. I am blessed to have my best friend who lives 2 miles away, and that my daughter is 12, yet I understand the struggle

Get help One day a week! Even if it’s just long enough to go grocery shopping by yourself! Every parent needs a break. Maybe your mom, friend or sitter can help. Just get a Starbucks and buy the groceries BY YOURSELF! Even if it’s on the husbands day off; so he can parent while you are gone. It won’t always be like this. Hang in there. :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Motherhood is so WONDERFUL but Motherhood is also OVERWHELMING at times. Maybe you should set a day aside just for you. You got this mama you’ll get through this and look back like all those overwhelming days were so worth it


Hi, I had 4 kids under 9 (now adults) it can be overwhelming and it’s okay to feel that way, it’s not a sing if weakness!
What help me was having a roster of jobs for the week, I split the tasks over 5 days (Mon - Fri) I only did absolute essentials on a weekend - the roster included coffee catch up with friends and play dates - I hope this is helpful

I have 6 children I raised mostly alone their dad worked out of town most of the time can only remember being so tired a few times and crying a very few times I let the tension go would go to bed and be fine wouldn’t change it for the world ther were days I had as many as13 neighbors kids but the difference was they played outside

Try to see if there’s mom n kids groups where you can interact with others in the same area as you’re going through? When my kids were younger there was a mom s group 2 monthly met childcare for n crafts n they all brought little snacks n hour r two moms had childcare n were able to talk snack n do quick crafts??

Absolutely. Four kids (now grown) but at the time it was hard because my husband was always at work and we moved so often that I didn’t ever have time to make friends or be near family. It’s hard, but also worth it.

You screwed yourself by not using birth control and you want people to feel sorry for you?? Wow.


Every single day. I’m still overwhelmed by it and yet I managed to raise a couple of kids to adulthood and they don’t seem to be worse for wear.

Cherryl Caimbridge u can definitely relate

Motherhood can be overwhelming at times but its true of What they said this is what happens when you have sex you get pregnant even on birth control it could happen. I don’t feel sorry for you but I can understand at the same time you need time to yourself to feel like an adult to feel like your own person. Have someone watch your kids every once in a while and go on a date with your hubby or go hang out with friends and watch movie or when you put the kids to bed have a little me time light some candles and take a bubble bath with meditation music I would say have yourself a glass of wine or toke but your pregnant again soo that’s a no lol. Still express how you feel to your husband and talk it out with him. He’s with you for a reason he married you he loves you maybe he doesn’t even know how you feel open up to him. Communication is key!

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I mean if you were feeling overwhelmed before this pregnancy why add another into the mix?you going to be more overwhelmed after this one.