I feel overwhelmed by motherhood: Has anyone felt like this before?

Same boat here, love. I just treat the house work as a job and try to soak up my kids as much as I can. Feel better :heart:

Everything happens for a reason… you got this mama…

You need a best girlfriend and a retired grandmother like friend.

The internet is not a therapist, get a therapist. Then get a plan with your obgyn and stick to it on how to keep this from happening again.

Wow, some of y’all are so mean. She asked if anyone felt like this. Yes, as Moms we have all felt like this. I raised three and my husband used to work 12-14 hours a day. That’s how we chose to raise our kids. It’s tough! Anyway, I used to get up an hour before they all did for a little quiet before the storm and I always put them to bed by nine. After nine it was my time. Depending on how old they are maybe give them coloring books so you can just relax for a bit, or take a walk if it’s nice. Also, do shopping when husband is home just to get away. You’ll get through it.

I had five kids and like you no support. We just find the strength to get through. Your hubby needs to help as much as he can. You didn’t get pregnant alone. Even if he does the weekends to give you some space to re charge…
Its hard and tiring but you will be ok …

It’s tough being a mother… especially when other people are rude and unsupportive… you are NOT weak for needing help or being overwhelmed… we all need help. Ask a day or two in advance I’m learning makes it easier for others to be helpful… they all have lives too.


Get a part time nanny so u have have some “me” time

I wouldn’t care if my husband works 12 hours a day. He has to help you. They’re not just your kids.

I also have 4 kids. The oldest is 13 years old and the youngest is 3 months. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. I am too. I feel ok most days but today I had a breakdown

When I learned about my 4th, I wanted to give her up because I’d had enough. I didn’t though.
Feel how you need to feel for as long as you need to, and do what you feel is best for your family.

I think majority of Mums have had these moments. It’s a huge task being totally responsible for little humans! It gets damn lonely and overwhelming at times. Hang in there!
Advice from a Grandmother now…don’t beat yourself up for having these moments. It’s normal. You’re doing the best you can. These feelings will pass and one day you will look back at your grown, adult children and know that you did a good job.
Hugs to you :heart:

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Hugs momma it’s ok to be overwhelmed and it’s ok to ask for help! Being a mom is hard and you shouldn’t have to feel like your feelings don’t matter :heart:


We all feel like this. You’re human and you are more than just a mother. Anyone being negative doesn’t need to be around. Try to make time to pamper yourself have a day for you and your friends. Even if it’s once a month! You have to take care of you to take better care of your children.


You are not alone. I just had my 4th a month ago and it gives me anxiety that my husband goes back to work next week and I have to do everything myself. It was stressful before with 2 kids online and my 3 year old. I usually have help but with covid I have to manage. It helps to get even 2 min of breathing in a quiet place. It feels super overwhelming. Hang in there

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Having 4 kids can be rough. Very rough. I would say start a routine and keep it. Print plaster it everyone ROUTINE. Have older kids start helping with one household chore.
When I was pregnant with my forth my older kids learned to do laundry- wash and dry helped so much.
I also got my tubes tied with my last- best thing ever!
Good luck!

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Hell yes every single day. I am a bio mom to 2 and bonus mom to 3 all girls ranging from 18 to 8. You are not weak you are tired you are worn down and for gods sakes we all know you aren’t taking care of yourself like you should, none of us are but you are validated in how you feel. Motherhood is overwhelming and one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had I go on no sleep and then make myself sick being tired because the kids or husband need something, but when they are at the top and feeling great I know i gave my all in hopes they feel more than I did when I was younger. Please feel free to post more here tell it how it is open up vent and for gods sake go get a foot rub and when you are able a bottle of wine and have a little you time. YOU DESERVE IT!!

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I have 4 kids close in age and I work fulltime and a single mommy u got this

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The worst thing you can hear when you are trying to reach out for help is " well, you wanted kids" or insert some other disheartening and cruel comment. Yes I wanted/ want my kids, but a date night once a month or some time to be someone other than a mom is needed for your sanity. It doesn’t mean you don’t love and devote yourself to your family, it just means you are human.


I only have 2 and I feel like this often. Its normal but I bet your doing better than you ever thought you could even if you don’t know it.