I feel overwhelmed by motherhood: Has anyone felt like this before?

I’m a single mom of two, one with anxiety and mental issues. I can completely understand. I hate hearing you made them, u decided to have kids. But I didn’t decide to be a single mom

Girl I just want to hug you and tell you, your not alone sit with you to see I’m not the only one. It’s not easy but we manage which makes us stronger. I have a 3 month and a 6 yr and 8 yr with remote learning. Full time as medical assistant and a husband who works 3rd shift who works 12-15 hours. But don’t regret any of my kids what doesn’t break us makes us stronger.

It takes a village to raise a child it’s never easy

every mother i’ve ever known has felt this way at one point. it’s a sign that you care. keep the faith and find your happiness in your family, you’re so blessed to have one. your day will come i just know it

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I have 2 I do it pretty much alone…I am severely overwhelmed…I don’t feel ashamed…both of my kids are strong willed, and lawd do they dry hump my last nerve…
Take time for YOU…even if it’s something small…
I’m sorry :disappointed:

No one should treat you that way ! Many congratulations on your new pregnancy . Trust me , once you have 3 you are outnumbered . So , four will be a breeze . Yes, it will be overwhelming but realization that things may not always get done when you want it done will set in . You will lower your expectations of yourself and enjoy time with your babies ! One day you’ll be like me and wish they were babies all over again . I promise !

We all have felt like this at one time its ok … Raising kids aren’t easy at all especially when your on your own …but your gonna have to make time for yourself u deserve it

I have 4 and go through this. My husband also works 12 hour shifts. It’s so hard for me to have friends because my kids are 9, 3, and 18 month old twins. Everyday I wake up early to have my me time. It’s a must I have my planner make my list of stuff to do, drink some coffee, and do this thing with the best attitude possible. I have very little help, my only friend lives almost 2 hours away, and all my family works full time jobs. You can do it. Is it easy?..No. I don’t rely on other’s because we’ll there’s no one there. Once a week I go grocery shopping alone I get curbside pickup but still take the same amount of time to shop because I need me time. One thing is you need quiet time so if you gotta wake up at 5 am to enjoy a movie, or read a book, do it.

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I feel you and I only have two :revolving_hearts::sweat::blush:🥲

first of all, mom of 3??? you are fucking superhuman! I applaud you for what you’re doing!
that being said, I always wanted a bunch of kids. I lost four before I had my daughter and although my family was against it, I chose to keep her because she was my miracle. I’ve been 100% alone in raising her and it has been no easy feat, so I understand your feelings to a degree. I decided no more kids (if I were able to have any more) because of how difficult it can be raising a child alone. but EVERY SINGLE TIME I even so much as start to talk about my frustrations or difficulties, it’s always “well you wanted to be a mom. this is what it’s like being a mom. you signed up for it. kids aren’t that bad. raising kids is easy.” and every other line in the book. it made me feel like complete shit and like a crappy mom. but then I reminded myself of all the things I do that make me an amazing mom, and how strong I am for doing this. you should remind yourself too. you’re a freaking badass! don’t EVER let anyone make you feel bad for being human, or being a mom. we’re all tired! we’re all overwhelmed! we all just want a break sometimes! and it’s OK to feel that way

Everyday! I have three children, and my husband works long hours. I work a full time job but still do 90% of the parenting, cooking, cleaning, and running after work. It is hard work, exhausting, and never ending. I try not to ask for help because yes, they are my children and yes, I wanted all three of them. However, having a support network does not make you a bad mother or weak. Needing adult conversation and alone time is normal and vital for mental health. You are still important too. Woman now days juggle SOOOOO much. Give yourself some grace and compassion. Tell all those who judge you to kiss your ass, (Yes, your growing ass because you are pregnant again, so they can get over it!!!) Only let supportive people into your life.


Ha you know who invented the word overwhelmed a MOM with a bunch of kids! I only have 2 and a husband, with work and the house and animals and with Life! It’s A LOT so yes you are not alone it’s hard! But you can do it!

i have five kids 24 18 17 15 11 so yes i totaly understand when they were younger i had one on the hip and one on my ankle or i was pregnant its hard your not weak your human we get tired some ppl just dont get it mainly if they dont have kids

Been there sister! I was overwhelmed at the thought of having my 4th child, I already had 3 girls, and found out this one would also be a girl. That made 4 girls at the age of 26. I went on to have my last baby (boy) at age 28. I am 55 now, and while the it was insane with diapers, school, after school activities, making sure we ate dinner together every night, I wouldn’t change a thing! My husband was a truck driver, and he went to bed early every night, which left me with the CHAOS! I did resent things, but he did help with extracurricular activities on the weekends. I love having my kids as my best friends right now! It’s so much fun now. I love hearing how their kids torment them! Lol. You got this! It’s so worth it, in the end!

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Being a parent is some overwhelming stuff at times. People that have kids and say those types of things are terrible. Sometimes, you need to get it off your chest. It’s not like you don’t love yourself kids, but man it can be exhausting! Especially having more than one to keep track of. I hope you can find some mommy friends that have some empathy.


Parenthood is hard! Feeling overwhelmed is totally normal. But, you will adjust and develop a new routine when the baby is born. It’s just chaos after the 3rd one so not much different than before :laughing:

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You are not weak for feeling overwhelmed or for wanting help. You are a human being, not just a mother. You have your own needs outside of that role. Find some sort of a support group. It could be a mommy group at your local church (if you’re into that). It’s extra hard to do with COVID right now, but maybe try to find an online group. Just know, this is temporary and will pass. But don’t hesitant to reach out for help from family or from your spouse. Neglecting your mental health will hurt your ability to parent.


I think every mom feels overwhelmed at times. That being said, your husband should be finding a way to give you a break. Even with being gone during the week working insanely long days, he finds a way to when he’s home.


the best thing you can do for yourself is cut those people out of your life as much as possible. they suck, and they’re not what you need right now. make room for people who will listen to you.


Get into the biggest church in your town. Most has a parents day. Going to church, one can get support if needed. With three kids and one on the way, a tight schedule is a must. Also all library have reading for all age groups, enroll the kids. If you have a TV In the living room, family room turn it off period with all phones, tablets, computers, and watch your children explored with knowledge from you. Kids as young of 18 months can help with cooking, cleaning under supervision. Go to parks more with a bag of goodies snd blanket and enjoy the kids having fun and you might meet other young Mothers with kids. Enroll the kids at three years old to go to preschool, its in most states now. Enjoy those babies as they grow up fast… take lots of pictures daily and print them at Walgreens for history, don’t just store them in the cloud and forget them, that’s memories on the hoof.

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